Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happiness... Day 1


My good friend Peter from There is a part of me, sent me the below inspirational TED TALK video and I have decided to take charge of my own happiness and begin the exercise. For 21 days, I will  write 3 things I am grateful for that day, a journal entry on one thing that happened that was really positive, exercise, meditate and then commit to one act of kindness a day.

Here is the video, ENJOY! 

3 Things I was grateful for yesterday:

1. Mina's recovery from a three day fever.
2. Sharing this video with my colleagues and watching them laugh and enjoy it.
3. Braiding my students' hair and teaching my Special Soul student Arabic with the help of my son.

Journal Entry:

I was so thrilled to win the picture competition at school yesterday which made my day. I never expected to win a whole school competition as I do not usually win anything. I was just happy to help out the girls cutting celery and placing cookies on the tray in preparation for the social event.

I was having a good time chatting to the teachers when they started showing a PowerPoint Presentation of all the RELAX pictures that were sent to them.  There were so many good pictures  and I really enjoyed looking at how creative some of them were. When my name came up on the screen with two others, I had to look twice. I started laughing out loud due to my surprise. I never expected that a picture of a frog resting on a Lilly would win but it did. WOHOOO!

Here is the picture: