Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Little People

We call our children by terms such as “kiddos”, "Munchkins"or “The Little People”, not only in reference to their size but to their maturity level as well. Mark my words, the next generation of “little people” are neither little nor are they ordinary. They are wise beings walking amongst us from all the different pre-adult growth stages. And one thing we can do to learn something new is to listen more closely. 

After reading and before turning off the lights, my children shared a secret with me that made us dive deep into a conversation about family and friendships. We talked about how if kindness was to be shared with everyone no matter our relationship status with them, that our positive vibes will spread around and return to their owner. We talked about how it is crucial for us to stay true to ourselves, remember our hearts and listen to our intuition before attempting to speak or act. We poured out our opinions, listened and debated amongst each other late into the night (not a good example of parenting). We questioned and accepted. We understood that it is important to pay attention to our voices and the subtle messages that we receive from others. And it is important to remain loyal to our inner core. 

I learned something about my son last night. Other than being protective, respectful and caring, my son is very perceptive of the subtleties of language and actions. He is very intuitive, more than he leads me to believe. In this conversation, he taught me that we can be totally respectful and kind but at the same time, call an elephant an elephant. Should we hide our injured feelings or sincere remorse if they are hurting our core? Should we always choose kindness when settling a resolution and trust in the intentions of others? 

I also learned something about my daughter. She is extremely attentive and sensitive to emotions and words. Remaining true to herself, she makes a genuine effort to spread love around her no matter what mood she is in. In that conversation, she taught me that people can be jerks to us sometimes and that we can still love them because we have a connection. We all need to feel that our existence matters to someone so why not “try a little tenderness” even if it were not reciprocated. We have an unlimited supply of love, smiles and biodegradable glitter. 

I was unwittingly humbled by my children last night. Their wisdom, crystal clear and easily flowing, superseded their years. The lessons were basic and ones that we have learned when we were young just before the passage of time faded them. But there is hope, my dears, these are lessons engrained deep within us if we just attempt to listen. 

Now that my children pushed the doors to my eyes open a little further, I am seeing more sonorously and beginning to wonder if they are not the wiser.

And even though we would hate to admit it to ourselves, many times they are.