Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Khwarizmi’s Wisdom

My dear mother forwarded to me a wonderful equation on Human Beings written by Al-Khwarizmi, the famous mathematician, astronomer and geographer, and I found that it acts as a relevant follow up to my previous post.
He was asked about Human Beings in general and he answered using an equation which went like this:
If a person had ethics and manners then s/he is = 1
If this person was beautiful then add a zero to the one = 10
If s/he had money, then add another zero = 100
If s/he had a good family and relatives, then add another zero = 1000
If you lose number 1 which is ethics and manners, the value of that person is lost and what remains are the zeros which have no value at all.
Simple, wonderful and wise, isn’t it?


mosaicology said...

Hi, I saw your comment on I like nice life and thought of dropping a line! We do need time off blogging..I agree so much with what you said.

Sazan said...

wow. I read it over and over again. Definately, we can have an additional ten zeros, but even that without the '1' is worth nothing. thanks for sharing

Tabouleh said...

My pleasure... it is like Prophet Mohammad said... "Religion is how you treat people!" Thanks Sazan!

Tabouleh said...

mosaicology ...Thank you for passing by... I will check out your blog as soon as I come back from my one day off of blogging! :)

paula devi said...

Wonderful equation. I am going to look up Al-Khwarizmi. The Prophet's words are golden and the way we should all life our lives. I have started to read a translation into English of the Koran. Lana, can you write to me in Arabic the word for Truth? Also telling me how to say it.

Tabouleh said...

Thank you Paula... I hope it is a good translation... I must say that we have changed so much since the age of the Prophet and therefore, I take what I believe in and leave the rest (I might be called a hypocrite) but honestly... I love the moderate teachings of the Prophet where you leave everyone to be... but be good... to everyone...
As for the Arabic word for truth? Al-7haqeeqa... the Al means THE... and 7h is the throat sound of H... not the KH or Ch sound which both our languages share...the q... is the throat sound which is similar to K... you can say Hakeeka... but the proper way to say the 7h and the q is from the throat... did this help?