Monday, June 13, 2011

Whose Right Is It?

Last night I watched one of my favorite movies again; Avatar and it reminded me of our human history. Even though our species has built, constructed and invented a plethora of structures and gadgets, they have turned around and used many of them to destroy and annihilate cultures, villages and all kinds of species.
The movie brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of the many wars that I have lived to watch or my family lived through. It reminded me of how people of a different culture, religion, principals and values would think of themselves as above everyone else and believe they have the right to terminate those lives, eradicate their homes and just ethnically cleanse those whom they think are below them, never once turning around to think that they might share the same genealogy, or anatomy or maybe even philosophy of life.
The Colonel, Quaritch, never once thought that the Na’vi people deserved the land they were living on because at the end of the day, he wanted the resource underneath their Hometree. Doesn’t that remind us of so many wars during the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries? The Colonel commanded his troops to ‘exterminate’ the people below making them believe that their lives are unworthy because they were just Blue Monkeys…  The soldiers were programmed not to feel, not to think for themselves... they were brainwashed… Doesn’t that remind us of many wars and how soldiers act nowadays? It actually reminds me of an image I saw many times on TV and in pictures in newspapers of soldiers having written ‘Born to Kill’ on their helmets or flak jackets when facing young men, women and children…. Really? Are we really born to kill or are we programmed by insane people to do so?
The movie brought home so many memories of the stories I was told by my mother and her family and also my father and his family. They have been through so much and were forced to live in another country due to the ugliness of mankind… due to people thinking that they are above everyone else… due to people thinking that they have a right to the land they lived on or the resources that lay beneath the land they lived on.
What is the world coming to? Who gave those ‘people’ the right to think that they are better than everybody else on this Earth? Is it religion, their culture or the people who study religion and are fanatics to the extent that they are brainwashed to think that others deserve to die because it is their ‘God’ given right to live  and RULE the world?
Poor God…I really feel sorry for Him/Her… Everyone believes that they are speaking in His/Her name.  
Wake up people and smell the burning… the burning of innocence... the burning of humanity!!!


Birdie said...

I do think people are starting to become more aware. It seems if our voices are drowned out by the anger and fighting. So much of it is about money, land and oil. The sad thing is there is more than enough more than enough for all of us to share. There are still people out there that can't seem to grasp a lesson the rest of us learned in kindergarten.

Tabouleh said...

I loved your last sentence Barbara... You are so right! Yes, indeed... someone people fail to learn to share... and they act as toddlers... Mine... Mine... Mine... and that is the mentality that guides them... no regards to the people opposite them.

Sazan said...

beautiful ...