Friday, June 17, 2011

I Survived!


Woohoo! I survived... I made it through one day without checking my Twitter or Blog and I have to admit that I was struggling... Several times I wanted to go into my blog and check what comments I got, if any, or what other Bloggies posted on their own blogs... but I did not want to lose the challenge. 

I especially wanted to vent about what had happened to me that day and I really needed a listening ear  but it was a challenge after all and I just could not break it no matter how much I needed to write. In a nut shell, I was blamed for something that was entirely not my fault and I felt that I was let down. I wanted to talk about it but now, after I have passed through a day and a half of not writing anything  I feel stronger and am able to face the hurt I felt. 

That short time, gave me a chance to conquer the feelings that were swelling up inside of me. I felt that I wanted to really give the person who stabbed me in the back a piece of my mind through my writing since that person did not understand my point of view no matter how many people explained it and stood by me. 

And now even though Thursday passed and I did not get a chance to write a piece on something I am grateful for... here it is... I am grateful for having that 'Break' day because it helped me control my emotions and hurt without having to rely on my blog to vent them. 


Shopgirl said...

Sounds like a healthy move to know you can take it or leave it. But glad you are back, and glad to find your blog and become a follower.

Birdie said...

Welcome back. :0)

paula devi said...

That is alot of strength Lana. We all want to pour out our difficult feelings. But letting them wash over us, keeping our own council so to speak takes courage. This is what I am working towards.

Happy to be back chatting with you.

Tabouleh said...

Thank you all... you are right... this is what we all should be working towards... Happy that I am back and that all my blog friends are back too... you provide me with so much company, entertainment and a listening ear... so thank you...