Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Time to ‘Practice’ Letting Go

I have miniature ‘beings’ living in my emotional system seeking shelter and sustenance. In the 43 years that I have of my life, I still cannot seem to be able to get rid of them.

Little Anger specs float freely around in my bloodstream causing a blockage in my arteries from time to time. I am angry at the world for not being able to live together, find good solutions and have one rule of law for everyone… to “be human and exercise humanity”. I am angry at the world for not stopping its orbit to realize that we are all the same underneath the same blue sky. Little Anger will never go away, I suspect. I doubt this world will ever reach the level of humanity that I am hoping for in my life, and that makes me angry… disappointed… envious of the next generation. I wanted to witness that era myself… I wanted to taste it… to feel it… to know what it would be like living in such a world where everyone was happy … everyone loved one another… everyone accepted all the differences and extended a helping hand.

Little Anger is not only directed towards the world but also at myself. I am angry with myself for allowing others to get under my skin and for me to take that as an excuse to complain. I should not complain even if I disagree with something and when the majority of the voices are not heard. I should not complain if something displeases me for I have the power to change it. I should not complain for not receiving everything I had asked for... For I have a good life and I have been blessed many times over.

It is time that I start practicing to let go of all these Little Angers. I say ‘practicing’ because I might need several trials before I succeed. I know that it is for me to decide if I failed or not but it will also depend on how long I can go for without either kind of spec sneaking in.

I have read so many articles on how to improve one’s mindset. They explain in detail how to change thoughts metamorphosing them into something positive. Have I tried implementing the strategies or steps they suggested? Yup… sure thing… BUT it did not last long before the Littles invaded my space again… What can I say? They always miss me.

I believe it takes courage, determination and above all will to make a successful breakaway and establish total decontamination. Do I want to change a few things? Yes… Do I want to lead a healthier life in all its aspects? Defo…

Now, do I have the stamina to stick to it and not allow the stress flies to swarm me? Ahhh... That is a different story all together… You see… I have another spec that many times makes an appearance on stage… drum roll…  please welcome… Little Ms. Lazy!