Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happiness... Day 6


So it was a normal day again yesterday but I must admit that it was not as bad as day 5.

3 Things I was grateful for yesterday;

1. A chance to spend some time with my children despite it being only an 1.5 hours.
2. Shoes... your probably laughing at this but I really do appreciate a good pair of has been extremely hard to find half sizes... I used to consider myself very lucky because I was a size 37 (a 5) and i would always find comfortable shoes that fit me perfectly... but after giving birth to two children my feet grew half a size and every time I try on a pair, they are either small or too big... so I am grateful for good fitting shoes.
3. Wise people whom I can listen to, learn from and be humbled by in the process.

Journal Entry

My daughter's 3rd birthday is on Valentine's Day but my husband and I decided to have it this weekend. I was thinking of all the errands I have to run and responsibilities that I have during this week and panicked for a little. When will i get the chance to bake a cat shaped cake for her when I get back from work late and on Saturday morning, I take my son to his gymnastics lesson? No time... so I decided to bake the 'pink' cake and place it in the freezer to be assembled and iced on the day of the birthday.

I wanted everything to be ready. So I spent the next few hours, baking my cake, in the smallest oven you can imagine, one pan at a time. My so-called-oven is what you can call a DOLL oven or a toaster but it works. I just have to be patient and place the cake mix in several cake dishes and then put them all together to make one cake. The smell of cake filled the house along with the influx of beautiful memories of when my kids first blessed my life and filled my heart with such joy.


Birdie said...

How wonderful to be born on Valentine's day! Make sure you post a picture of the cat cake.

I find it hard to find good shoes too.

Tabouleh said...

Thank you dear Barbara... I will.... unless it was a total disaster. :)

Jan said...

Happy Birthday in advance for your little one. I am sure the cake will go down a treat whether you think it a disaster or not. I remember your previous birthday cake post! How amazing that your feet grew!

Tabouleh said...

Thank you for your wishes sweet Jan... your comment about it being a disaster came at the right time as I was thinking it will be so... so thank you.