Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happiness... Day 2


3 Things I was grateful for yesterday:

1. My wonderful students,  new and old, who have enriched my life and taught me so much.
2. A good reflex and a sturdy car that protected my children and I from a huge bus that cut us off and stopped sideways only a few centimeters away from my bumper.
3. My son who is sensitive, caring, and a wonderful being.

Journal Entry:

I must admit that yesterday was one of those days where everything fit into place and was positive. A day that filled my life with good vibes, smiles and warm feelings. 

It started two days ago actually when my son was invited to a friend's house for a play date and yesterday was the day. He was looking forward to it so much and smiling from ear to ear. He was happy to have been asked to join a new classmate of his and was thrilled that someone liked playing with him.

When my son was dropped off, his friend's mother decided to chat with me for an hour  about him. She poured her heart out and while doing so calmed my fears and stroked my worries. She was impressed by my son's maturity, politeness and above all how wonderful to, gentle with and caring of her son he was. 

She went on to tell me how she loves to go to school and observe her son and other children and she noticed my son and wanted him to play with her son to teach him a few things about being strong and taking risks. She had asked him to help her relieve some of her son's worries and fears and thought that he was the best person to do it. Giving any child such responsibilities sparks them up and that was exactly what happened with my son. My heart felt such joy and her words helped to push off the weight on my shoulders and my welled up eyes began to shed their water.

You see, my son is a very emotional and sensitive young man who loves his family and friends and does not respond well to change. We have moved around and changed schools many times.  Friends and family have come to visit us here in Bangkok and as soon he builds a bond with them, they leave the country. Every time that happens, my son goes into a crying session revealing to us the sadness in his heart. 

This sadness, the time it takes him to adapt to change and the fact that he likes to do things in a particular way helps him get into some trouble at school. When this mother and gentle soul came to my house to comfort me, she gave me the picture of my son that his father and I, and many of our family and friends, see. She had seen my son in the playground. She had seen him with other children and heard other mothers' comments about him but decided to see it all for herself and hence the invitation. 

What a wise woman! She told me how she had seen my son in a whole new different light and is amazed by him. She even invited him to go with her family to a Beach vacation next week (but I am not sure if I can stand having my six year old stay away from me for so long).

I am so proud of my boy. Even though he continuously helps me to build my tower of pride as a mother, I find myself surprised, taken by and in awe of him. 

Last night, my husband and I noticed that one of our friends' daughters, whom I think is around 12 years old with some cognitive challenges,  was acting frustrated, playing alone while all the other kids were outside getting ready to light up the candles for another friend's birthday. 

I walked up to my son, took him aside, and only began my sentence with,  "J... N is all alone inside and all of you are out here.' I swear I did not have to say anything else... I did not even have a chance to continue my message when his eyes shot up, he looked around and said, "Where is she?" After I had pointed out her location, my beautiful boy ran inside, (I could still see him from the outside) gently touched her hand and said something to her pointing to the outside area where all the other kids were standing. He came back outside with N and they all went inside together as a team to wish our friend a Happy Birthday.

There was so much to be grateful for and thrilled about yesterday.

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