Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happiness... Day 9

ok... so I promised you a picture of Mina's feline cake... and here she is... the mischievous cat who got into a puddle of mud and whole load of other trouble. Notice the chocolate face... I wanted a white one but there was no vanilla icing left.  The crackers around the cat are the baked fish crackers, just to add a bit of color. 

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Kindness. We all rely on people's kindness in our lives and yesterday was the perfect example of when I needed it. My son had invited three other children to the party without asking me or letting me know first. He wanted to be kind to his friends and so he went ahead and acted on impulse and the kindness in his heart. When I found out, I panicked a little because I had bought the exact number of t-shirts as the children who were showing up. 

What was I to do? I had asked my nanny to bring a friend and come to the party to have a bit of fun. But I could not have asked for such luck. They were the only two who could save me and lessen my panic. They went to the local market which was ten minutes away and bought me 3 extra angry bird t-shirts. I was grateful for the kindness.

2. Compliments which spice our lives and add a kick to our self confidence.

3. Friends who join us to celebrate my biggest achievements in life; my children and friends who write from afar to assure me that I am doing a good job as a mother.

Journal Entry
I went into full power mode yesterday starting very early in the morning. I had finished the cake the night before, marinated the chicken breasts and made our own homemade burgers as well. So now, I just needed to chop the veggies for the dip, make a green salad, a potato salad, the pasta,  skew some fruit, blow some balloons, decorate the room, make the table and wash the dishes. Phew! Now that is what I call a full morning and afternoon. I still had time to read a few pages of my book, take a shower and get ready. 

Before people arrived, I dressed the kids in their party clothes and made a few last touches here and there. When our friends started arriving, the kids took care of entertaining them while I found my little niche in the kitchen and going around chatting to guests and enjoying my time.The children had an awesome time together and I did not need to come up with games to entertain them. I just placed some building lego blocks, cars, dinosaurs, puppets and the cardboard theater down stairs and watched them take the lead. My little girl, who is not so little anymore, had a blast, loved the cake and got to stay late until 8:20 last night.

I believe everything went smoothly and I had enough plates and food to feed everyone. One of my friend even asked, as a joke, if I could prepare another kind of dish because the food was not enough. Thank goodness for left overs... it means I do not have to cook today... Woohoo ... Now, that is another cause for celebration.

The night ended with a dare by a friend and a very wet and ice cold bum. Not saying any more... you can try to figure it out by asking questions... go ahead... LOL


Wapack said...

How could she not love that cool cat?

Ice cold bum in Thailand?? Had to be ice involved. Must have had the drinks in a cooler or tub of ice, and some how you ended up falling or sitting in it. Hmmm? But via a dare?

Someone help me.

Tabouleh said...

Very close Peter... you're good... Thanks for the compliments... grateful for them.

Birdie said...

The cake is so cute! I bet Mina was excited.
Putting on a birthday party is so much work. It sounded like lots of fun

Tabouleh said...

Thank you Barbara... she loved it and the other kids loved the jelly candy on it... LOL.