Monday, February 13, 2012

Happiness... Day 10


I cannot believe it has been 10 days since I first started this Happiness challenge. I might go on with this or take it up a few days a week. It really helps me search the day for positives even when the sky is full of dark clouds and my path is not that clear ahead.

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Good eyes to see things clearly. I am beginning to realize that maybe I should start wearing my prescription glasses on a more regular basis instead of just when I want to look smart or like an intellectual. I can see words in the distance but glasses sharpen the image. And even though I am aware of how awesome it is to be able to see the words less fuzzy, I find wearing my glasses for a long time hurt my eyes and I would rather deal with fuzzy letters than a headache. 

2.  Sisters who accept you the way you are no matter what goofy mischief you get yourself into or weird illogical opinions you have.

3. Tweezers.... yes tweezers... where are they when you need them the most? I found myself needing to pull a tiny unseen annoying hair on my chin and I could not find tweezers anywhere. I could have sworn we have like three or four tweezers around the house.

Journal Entry

What did we do that was so memorable yesterday? Nothing much. After I finished cleaning and tidying the house, I was supposed to go to the hair salon to cut my hair but I did not manage to do so. Something came up that led us to the pharmacy and then straight home after we had a quick lunch at the Steak House. It is called a Steak House but we rarely have stakes there.... funny right? We usually have Thai food such as Tom Yum Goon or Chicken fried rice.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies with the kids, teaching two new Arabic letters and then skyping with my mother and grandmother, my two nephews and my sister. Oh... oh and fixing the wooden swing after it collapsed during the party... I was one of those sitting on the swing but as soon as another friend sat down, it fell. It was not his fault... My husband was saying for weeks that he wanted to change the bolts and so it finally gave him a good reason to do so this weekend. Thank goodness the children were not sitting on it or where anywhere near it. That is something else I am grateful for... good strong swings.


Wapack said...

So you fell off the swing into the ice chest??

Tabouleh said...

HAHAHAHA! No.... hehehe... the ice box was a different thing... 10 minutes before the swing incident.