Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happiness... Day 16


Having done this for 16 days, I start to look at small things that may seem trivial and we take for granted. Take for example the below list, one would not really think to be grateful for them but this challenge has made me look at them in a whole new different way... without them what were we to do?

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Toilets. oh boy... when one needs one badly, then they get to appreciate the facility. Imagine if we did not have toilets what a dilemma we would find ourselves in; now where would I pee, in the bushes or in the sink? With toilets, I do not have to think where last night's dinner is going to end up, I just flush the toilet and away it goes. Without them, I will have to think about picking up after myself, or digging and covering. And if I were in a hurry? Man that would take ages to sort out. Thank goodness for toilets.

2. Doors. They are a blessing especially when you want some time alone, need some privacy and keep strangers out. Last night someone in the family, not me, forgot the terrace door wide open and went to bed. Thank goodness our neighborhood is safe or we would have woken up to a cleared living room.

3. Eating utensils including plates and cups. They are gizmos that are used everyday when preparing a meal but we do not actually pay much attention to the fact that we are lucky they are around. I know that sometimes we eat sandwiches and therefore might not need a plate, but what cuts or spreads the food that goes into that sandwich? AHH! My favorite and the one I am especially thankful for is the cup or anything that holds a quenching beverage. What is your favorite gizmo?

Journal Entry

OK I gotta stick to this challenge even though I am thinking now that maybe writing the 3-things-I-am-grateful-for section is enough and I am truly enjoying that part of it... ok how many more days left? 5.... ok... not bad ... doable... 

 Yesterday, was another busy crazy day. I received so many emails that I had to respond to in a matter of 15 minutes. I responded to my son's teacher informing me that he did not have his snack and lunch box with him, I had forgotten it in the fridge, but thankfully she found him a banana and he had some fruits in the canteen. So I am grateful to have someone to watch over him while I toil away.

 I had to send an email to another colleague who wanted to borrow a travel cot, mattress and car seat.... I put in a high chair as well.I am grateful for the feeling I get after extending a helping hand. 

I also had to respond to other emails about work itself and writing reports. I do not like starting them but when I get started, my fingers do not stop typing until my quota for the day is done. I have finished my 18 homeroom reports yesterday and only need to work on my Learning Support ones. So Hurray for that! I am so relieved that that part is over. However, now that I am done with one group, I am finding it hard to start on the new group. BUT... I will not let this get me down. I am determined to do this.

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Wapack said...

Keep it up you are almost there.

#1 (haha) made me think of this. We certainly do take toilets for granted. (Warning: there is some potty language :-):