Thursday, October 27, 2011

There Goes the New Phone


My husband bought me an iPhone for my birthday and I have been enjoying it for two weeks now? or was it one week? Not sure... but I have been Skyp-ing my parents and sister while cooking a meal for the kids or decorating my son's cupcakes for his mini birthday celebration. I have been waiting to use it for the longest time because the phone company took forever (since August) to transfer my own number from a pre-paid account to a post-paid account.So you can imagine the excitement!!!

I was so taken by the applications on the phone and the fact that I could take videos and pictures with it that I decided not to take my camera on our island holiday. I thought I would pack light and just take my iPhone. Little did I know that the morning after our arrival, my phone would end up in the pool underwater. 

How? Well... that is the story... my son was playing with my daughter in the pool. He is a very good swimmer and was acting as if a monster was getting him. He was calling for my daughter to help him and every time she would extend her hand and ask him not to worry. The last time she did that, she gave him her leg instead and when he grabbed it, he pulled so hard that she went under. I was videotaping at the time and when I saw that I immediately jumped in and pulled her out forgetting that I had the phone in my left hand.

So the phone went under but can you believe that it still works... everything on it does except the speakers... well part of the speakers which is strange. Skype works normally and I can hear people talking to me... but I cannot hear people when I make or get calls or watch a YouTube video unless I put the headphones on.... still I am thankful that it does. This would make a very good advert don't you think?

When I watched the video, I could hear the glug glug in the background when the phone took a dive. 

Have you had your phone survive any kind of blow before?


db said...

Too funny. And timely given the other water (ie flood) issues you are dealing with.

A short while ago I dropped my iPod touch completely into a pot of water. After leaving it in the sun to dry out, it works as usual, though the batteries don't seem to last as long (but it is time for us to get new iPhones anyway).

Take it to your nearest Apple Store and share your story and they might even replace it for free. My son closed the car door on his iPod touch and his girlfriend talked them into replacing it, for free.

I think you should post the video to YouTube, and be sure Apple knows.

Birdie said...

I dropped my phone in a public toilet once. And yes, I had to reach in and get it. It survived but my pride has not yet recovered.

Birdie said...

And belated...

---ஜ۩۞۩ஜ LANA! ஜ۩۞۩ஜ--

Tabouleh said...

Hi Peter... hmmm I am not sure they would replace my iPhone here... not the same service as in North America but I will be taking it to the store once the threat of flooding is over and I can spare it for a few days... LOL... it is working... miracle...
Thank you sweet Barbara for the birthday wishes... as for dropping things in the toilet well... hmmm I cannot count the number of times I had to reach in a pull something out... LOL..

Tabouleh said...

UPDATE.... yippeee... no need to take my phone to the shop... checked it and now everything works.... yippeeee!

Ofelia said...

When a mother's instinct takes over all items no related to the salvation of our children suffer dearly!
Its a miracle that the phone is still working because most of this kind of technology is not so found of water.

Tabouleh said...

Love your wise words Ofelia... So true. When my husband asked me why I didn't throw the phone to the side before jumping in... I honestly didn't think about it ... My first instinct was to get my baby... Didn't result think to save anything else really.
Weird about the phone working though.. Brother said I lost the warranty but don't much care about that. Lol

Isa said...

Waw! How lucky!

I think that was a great bday gift!