Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Move


We finally moved into a new bright white house with white gates and a garden that is full of green life and positive energy. The day before, we moved most of our belongings and I immediately unpacked many boxes, finishing the kid's play area, kitchen, both bathrooms, the kid's room and the living room. There were a few boxes left to unpack but most of the rooms were done before we entirely moved in. I wanted the kids to recognize their belongings and have something familiar in the otherwise strange new surrounding. 

That day our wonderful and very spiritual landlady informed us that the house was Feng Shui-ed and that it will bring luck and prosperity to anyone who lived in it. She told me stories about its previous inhabitants and how their life began to improve the day they moved in and I instantaneously felt better. There is something about listening to success stories of other people that magically filters into my own existence helping me realize the brighter side of life.    

My mind reversed back in time when my husband searched for houses with people. For two months we looked at many houses together but the houses I liked, he did not and the ones he liked I had some issues with. This was the only house that we simultaneously felt at one with the moment we stepped on its turf. Maybe it was its white washed walls, wooden floors and spacious bright rooms that gave us a sense of peace! 

That day we met the land lady and she told me that the moment she saw me she knew she had found the best tenant for her house. She had refused many before because she did not feel at ease with them. Her words touched me so deeply that I started to cry. I felt a sense of relief wash over me and which flushed away all the panic of not finding a house before the end of the month. 

For two years we lived in a house that was dark and melancholy. Even though we were lucky that we had a roof over our heads, we felt that the energy in that house was not a positive one and it reflected the frustrating and stressful time we were experiencing in our lives and our careers. I am grateful for the time spent with family and friends in that house... we had a good time. We managed to make the best of it all and pocketed fond memories.... but it was time to move on to greener pastures.

Sunday was our first night to sleep in our new sanctuary and I immediately sensed that positive energy fill me to my core. I felt the positiveness affect my entire family; we had a smoother bed time routine, flowing interactions between its members and just a fun time on the whole. I had a brighter outlook the next day and woke up feeling refreshed, even though I slept at 2 am not being able to sleep in a new bed. Maybe it was just the excitement of a new house...a new beginning... a fresh start but I'd like to think that there is something more to it. 

A new challenging yet supportive environment at school and a new brighter fresh home only means that everything will start turning for the better now. I am thankful. We are truly blessed and this only means that this blessing should be shared with others. 

I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year and the next will bring. May you all have brighter days ahead of you and may you be showered with blessings that fill your heart with joy, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. 


paula devi said...

There is sun and star shine flowing out of your post. I am so happy that this is the new home that you were destined to find. It was sitting there waiting for your family. Nothing is coincidentl. White, bright, Feng Shui and a spiritual landlady.

I am happy to share your blessings and hold with both hands against my heart your words - "May you all have brighter days ahead of you and may you be showered with blessings that fill your heart with joy, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment".

Yes, there are many changes in the air.

Tabouleh said...

THANK YOU my dear Paula... I love the way you looked at it,,, that it was sitting there waiting for us... you know I believe you are right... we looked at so many and it was the last minute that we found it... you must come for a visit now... and share my blessing... Love to you!