Monday, October 10, 2011

Flood Alert

We are on flood alert at the moment.... The government officials are saying that both dams in the north of Thailand are at their maximum capacity of 99.7% and they need to release some water into the city klongs and lakes. We live in one of the areas that they mentioned will be flooded. 

We had just moved into our new home last week and after unpacking everything during the week, we are now forced to put everything up and away from the ground. Last night, we had to move our books, albums, electrical equipment, rug and chairs up high just in case our house flooded during the night. 

It rained so hard and non-stop last night that our guest bathroom on the bottom floor flooded with 1 cm of water. We had to place some towels at the door entrance just in case is cleared the door step and came into the rest of the house. 

The thunderstorms and lightening were so bad that we had a few power cuts. Having no aircon or fan to cool her room, my daughter woke up in such a state of panic because did not know what was happening. My soaking-wet son, who had just returned from having a massage with his father, was spooked because we lost power so suddenly and he was left standing in a dark living room. 

Even though I was a little nervous and unsure about what to expect last night, I found myself thanking my lucky stars for having bought some flash, halogen and florescent lights the day before which worked for a little longer at night on little power. I found myself thinking of all the 260 people who lost their lives in the North and the 10000 villages that were affected. And even though there is a chance that we might have to move out of the house again, at least we will have the ability to find a place to stay. Ilhamdulillah. 


Birdie said...

I always got spooked when the power went out when I was a kid.
The news of flooding is never good. Keep us posted.

paula devi said...

Hi Lana, I just saw your post about the floods on FB and went to check Bangkok on google. It looks awful and the article said that Bangkok was being evacuated. Are you all okay? How frightening for all of you, especially the kids. I am praying for your safety and also praying that there will be no casualties. Keep us all updated.

Tabouleh said...

Thank you both.... returned home to find things are ok... got some sand bags just in case and removed all shelves and books to upper floor... the area next to us... Minburi is flooded... people are telling us to brace ourselves for the weekend... Inshalalh things will be ok. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers... much love to you!