Monday, October 3, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Thanks to Isa from The M Chart and Judy from Judy Croome for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award. I am honored and apologize for not writing a post earlier. I am unsure what my blog reflects as it is a combination of a variety of issues; things I would like to see change in the world, my children, new experiences, memories and anything that is inspirational. 

To claim my award I must share 7 things about myself that my readers might not know about me... even though I think that I shared so much already.... so here goes

1. I wrote 5 rhyming children's books; two in English and three in Arabic... but they have not been published. 

2. I try to organize everything from pictures to school folders but back them up so well that I find double or triple copies of one thing.

3. I do not like change even though I am an International teacher and tend to move around different countries. Still the first few months to a year I find difficult to adjust to.

4. I wipe the sink after I am done in every toilet I enter, be it at home, school, in the mall, or on an airplane. I even wipe the mess other people leave behind.

5. I had cat pets while young and dog pets as a grown up and I still tear up every time I remember any of them passing on. 

6. I learn languages when given a little bit of time and loads of practice.... I tried to teach myself Italian ten years ago and remember a few words, lack of practice does not help.... I speak a little French because I studied it at high school, and Thai because I live there but I'm fluent in English and Arabic. I wish I could learn more... it is fascinating. 

7. I love healthy food... but if you place a table full of healthy food on one side and only one dish of chocolate boules on another, I make my way to the latter first. 

I have to pass this award to other bloggers now.... here goes:

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