Friday, October 14, 2011

Music that Takes Me Away

Sometimes, I just want to be transported to a different place be it spiritually or physically. I need to break free from the judging eyes and minds. I need a break from myself and the image that I have of myself. I need to believe that I am not always wrong or the person who gives out negative thoughts, behavior or understandings. I want a place that surrounds me with beautiful calming thoughts, words and sounds. I want a place where I am accepted the way I am and for my true ME to come out. I need a place where my good actions are just as acknowledged as my mistakes. I need me to be stronger and be able to ignore those wagging fingers and rolling eyes. I need a place where there is no need to self-protect and build walls of steel. 

One of the way I do this is by listening to Ludovico Eindaudi's music. The moment I listen to those fingers playing on the ebony and ivory keys, I am instantly transported. It takes me away even if I am surrounded by people. The effect is instant. It calms my nerves, allows my inner toxins to be released and soothes me to no end. If I could have ear implants with this music playing throughout the day what a different person I would be. It would be like I am living out a beautiful story or movie. 

Have a listen and let me know what you think about it. May love embrace and engulf you. 


db said...

Great choice of music.
Loved this one too:
Combined with this behind it:

Tabouleh said...

OMG... I was just listening to it when I published your comment and copy pasted your link onto the browser... I stopped playing mine and went to click on your link when I realized that it is the same song... now was that some kind of a coincidence or what! Lovely music Peter... thank you!

db said...

No, no no; Thank you! It all came about via your link. I loved the rain behind the 3rd song. Very nice, though for some reason my robotics kids said it made them sleepy. Now I am going to use it to fall asleep.

Jan said...

Lovely - thanks for the link. And your words.