Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Am Honored

I have never been awarded anything for something I have written and therefore receiving this award from my dear friend Paula of Everyday Radiance means the world to me. Paula has proceeded to touch my heart on so many different levels and has taught me that there are no boundaries to acceptance, love and forgiveness of myself and others. Writing about her experiences and challenges in life inspire me, and anyone who reads them, to work on myself and be thankful for what I have. She is so open with her readers, so honest and transparent. She shares a piece of herself with everyone thereby teaching them how to be strong and face their obstacles. Thank you Paula for this award. I am truly honored!

The Rules are:
Pass it along to some of your favorite blogs with less than 100 followers
And even though there are so many blogs that I love to read and enjoy, I have decided to pick a few. Here are my picks for this award in no particular order. 

Barbara, or Birdie, from 40 and Loving it!, is a strong, warm and transparent woman who faces every challenge she has in life with an open heart , an understanding of life's cycle and humor. Despite her pain and  her honesty regarding the dilemma she is currently dealing with, she has a unique way of showing the positive side of things making her post entries so inviting and entertaining. Her style of writing makes me think that I am sitting with her chatting with a cup of coffee between my hands. She definitely opened my heart to her pain and provided me with steps to prepare myself for such difficult times. She is a supportive and encouraging blogger who is dedicated to all her Blogger friends and makes sure to keep up with all their updated posts. 

Sazan from Mandalawi is a Kurdish writer who is full of zest for life and has just published a book on her experiences in Kurdistan. She is truly an inspirational young woman who has been through terrible ordeals but has come back to build awareness about the plight of women in that region. She empowers young girls and women with her workshops and efforts to make a positive change in their lives. She touches people's hearts in ways she is not aware of and introduces them to her wonderful country, its traditions, values and rituals.  

 Jan from Staying Awake  is an empathetic woman who shows her readers what everyone goes through in life. Her writings bring forward issues that we ourselves struggle with from time to time and help us believe that we are not alone in those feelings. She includes some of the thought provoking Art Journals  which she uses to resolve deep feelings that many of us can relate to. One in particular spoke to my soul and I am confident that many out there would find it relevant to their lives as well; This Time Last Year I couldn't Have Painted YOU.

Judy from Judy Croome has published an eBook "Dances in The Shadows of Love" and I cannot wait to read it as it has great reviews. Her choice of words are intriguing and poetic to the extent that they grab a hold of you and make such a unique imprint on your heart. Her love and pride of her country is contagious which makes her readers want to know more about it and its strong, inspiring wonderful people. 

Isa from The M Chart is a creative mother and teacher who inspires me to revamp many of my old furniture and knickknacks. She inspires me to becomes creative with my kids and spend time with them doing Arts and Crafts using materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Her blog is full of wonderful things she has done with tin cans, mirrors and old furniture. She is a woman who is grateful for life's precious gifts and has a warm and embracing spirit.

I have been honored with this award by Paula and I am honored to share it with my Blogger friends whom I wish I will meet face to face someday!


Ofelia said...

This is a very interesting list and I'm going to be checking all of them!
Have a fantastic week,

Isa said...

Ah... You are just too sweet! I was feeling so down... Thank you my dear! You are the best!

And, if you really want to meet e, come to Portugal! It's a lovely place for vacation.


Judy Croome said...

Thanks for the passing the honours along, Lana! Much appreciated. I'm so glad I found your blog via Birdie's blog! Off to visit a few of the other blogs you mentioned. And some exciting news from my side is that my book "Dancing in the Shadows of Love" will be available as a print edition from 1 July. When I do the guest post I owe you, I'll be offering a free copy for you to giveaway!

Thanks again for the award...much appreciated!

Judy, South Africa

Jan said...

Awww your words are too kind Lana. It's been good getting to know you over the past month or two. Thank you.

Tabouleh said...

It is a great privilege to have you all as my blog friends... I meant every word I wrote!

Tabouleh said...

@Judy...CONGRATULATIONS! That is great news... thank you so much for your thoughtful sweet giveaway... I very much appreciate it. I am looking forward to read it!

Sazan said...

I feel honored, and humbled to make it on your list. You are an inspiration in so many ways, and I thank you for visiting my blog and encouraging me in everything that I do. You're such an amazing person!
By the way, thanks for introducing to me the other bloggers, now I have more to follow as I trust you have made a good list....

As a blogger, I am sure you feel the same way, the fact that someone somewhere reads your writing and appreciates it, that gives you the enthusiasm to keep writing. Lana, thanks for being that person. Hope to meet soon.

Zor Supas!

Tabouleh said...

Sazan habeebti... what sweet words to write for me to read... thank you... I certainly do not deserve all that... I so wish that one day I will get to take my kids to see your beautiful land and that majestic breathtaking region... someday Inshallah!