Saturday, June 11, 2011

Most Important Thing

I was playing around with some plastic beads that I used for an activity I did with the kids  the day before...  I was thinking about making one for each of them. I thought and thought about what I can make for them... Thought about making one with their initials... but then I thought... even though they are the most important little people in my LIFE, I figured that their LIVES are the most important thing to me.... and being alive is what sustains them as well... Since there is no one else, other than their father, who can provide them with everything that they need... I know their grandparents and extended family will provide them with love but parents have the biggest effect on them especially when they are still little.
My thoughts started to wander and I thought how each LIFE on this earth had an effect on another LIFE whether positive or negative. 

So I decided to make one with LIFE written on it... corny? well yeah maybe... but without LIFE what is there? 
Enjoy your life everyone!


Birdie said...

A great reminder. It is all we have!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely..we all have an affect!