Friday, February 10, 2012

Happiness... Day 7


Oh boy what a day it was yesterday! A full- no- time-to-stop day is how I would describe it.I was running around like a headless chicken from 5am in the morning till 9pm when I had a chance to check my email and do a bit of reading.

3 Things I am grateful for;

1. Caring and gentle school counselors who ease a mother's anguish about her son being bullied in the play ground. My son was told by some classmates and some older kids, yesterday after school, that he was a bad boy because their mothers had told them so. When he saw me, he came running with hot tears running down his red cheeks informing me of what they had told him. I was confused by what parents say to their children, how they include them in adult conversations helping destroy other children's feelings and label them that way. But thank goodness for our school counselor who provided us with good advice and discussion topics to talk to my son about.

2. Quiet time after the kids go to bed to get the remaining chores done without being hassled. I managed to wash the dishes, prepare my son's snack and lunch for the next day, tidy up the house a little, check my emails and put together my daughter's cat cake, all within an hour and a half. I will definitely post a picture of the finished product but the icing melted a few times while I was making it and so it needs another coat of icing before I show anyone the final disastrous result.

3. A good book to read at night which helps me to unwind and fall asleep without worrying about what my to-do list for the next day is like.

Journal Entry:

I had a good session working with two students yesterday. They were both from different grades but they had an English assignment they needed to finish. I love watching their faces and reactions when I advise them on how to write a well structured sentence that includes strong adjectives. I like using the analogy of painting a picture for their readers. 

When students are happy to see me, they have no clue how wonderful and satisfied I feel. It means I am doing something right. When students are hesitant to receive my help, it hurts me even though I know and understand that it is not personal and they sometimes do not want to be seen receiving support. It hurts, not because they have done something wrong or anything of the sort but because I know they are capable of achieving and accomplishing much more than they expect of themselves or someone else does. 

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