Monday, February 27, 2012

Happiness... Day 19


I have not written my Happiness posts for a few days. I was taking a break but have also been extra busy writing reports, helping other write theirs and taking care of the kids.

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Eyesight. I went grocery shopping with my two kids yesterday. After they put on a dancing show for the people there, we headed out only to find a young lady sitting in the corner selling lottery tickets. I immediately said a few prayers and thanked my lucky stars for having good eyesight. I was so taken by her.... so impressed. She had a job and if it were not for the language barrier, I would have made my way over to her for a chat.Even though I am sure that there are many challenges that she has to face during the day, I had a feeling that she is taking them on with a lot of courage.

2. Patience. My daughter was in such a lousy mood yesterday and was crying constantly about everything and anything. I am sure all you parents out there understand what it means to have a child who cried every single time she was asked to do or not do something. I called on patience to wrap its arms around me and give me some of its energy to calm me down. The last straw was when she cried in the pool when I thought it was such a fun activity for her. I had to leave my son and husband there and walk her home, feed her a banana and then put her in bed. She had asked to sleep but it seems all she wanted to do was have some down time for herself because she came back out after 15 minutes. After calming down, she was ok and eager to finish the plate of falafels, cherry tomatoes and carrots I put out for her.

3. Take out. Oh Boy what would I do without them. Honestly, I do not mind cooking and I much prefer doing that to provide healthy food for my family but sometimes when I am just too exhausted and lack the energy to chop, slice, dice, saute, boil or do any of those things to cook food, we order out. Either have barbequed chicken on a stick with sticky rice and I make a salad on the side or order a pizza and still have that essential dish of salad on the table. Granted,  I still have to chop for the salad but it is the main course that I lack the energy for. 

Journal Entry

I had a blast of a time shopping with my children yesterday. Granted having two kids who are energetic and both below the age of 7 is not a piece of cake in a large grocery store such as Carrfore, the equivalent of a Walmart/ Zellers.I placed both of them in the shopping cart and went around selecting everything on my shopping list. 

After a while the cart was getting heavy to maneuver and take sharp turns. My son was forced to evacuate because his space was getting smaller and too crowded for him. It went crazy downhill after we stopped at the cashier. I placed my son in charge of looking after my daughter as they were running around playing tag. He did a fantastic job and I was very proud of him.

As if they needed more time to release that energy, they gave the shoppers a dancing performance trying to balance jumping up and down while eating ice-cream. Check them out here,

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