Friday, July 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It is always difficult to say goodbye. I never liked saying it out loud as the instant I feel that I will be leaving a place or someone behind, the tears flood to my eyes and they start falling down my cheeks as rivers.

Today is my last day at my current school and I am finding it difficult to hold back my tears. I know that the past two years have not been the easiest of rides but it sure was a great learning experience and I have learned so much from so many people, from the students and teachers I work with to the ground staff who help clean my classroom.  

I will be starting a new page at a big new school with new systems, teachers and students in two weeks. Everything will be new and I know that I will look back at the two years that I have had at my current school and miss its coziness and atmosphere. I will miss the lovely students, the dedicated teachers and the friendly ground staff. I am grateful for the lessons they all taught me.

People build connections and it is difficult to know that there is a slight chance that I will never see those people again. Try as I might to meet up with them from time to time it never compares to seeing them everyday.

I remember once receiving this email about people coming into your life… in summary it went like this…. whether they come in for a minute, week, month or year, they did that for a reason…

I truly believe that… I believe that every person whom I came in contact with these past two years have come into my life for a reason and if I took the time to think of it, I will figure out why they did so and what they taught me in the process.

One thing for sure though… I know that one of these lessons is that I should always hold my reactions and wait for some time before writing an email or giving my opinion. I need to let my emotions settle before saying anything… I need to think about how I feel… think about the situation when I am calm, composed and my emotions are not raging. This way, I will be able to look at a situation from different angles and then make a rational judgment.

I am leaving this school with some tears in my eyes but a big smile on my face hoping that my next school will offer me similar connections and learning opportunities ! 


paula devi said...

Yes, it's true. Even when we move on to other things that are going to be good for us and open new opportunities, the goodbye is always bittersweet. Especially for someone (like u) who is sensitive and feels the world and people on a much deeper level. I also believe about the people who come into our lives for however long or short, have a reason for comng into our personal world. Look how blogging connects us and how much we share our hearts and our energies.

Ofelia said...

As we move thru life people, places and events move with us or away from us and the we tend to just remember the good and any bad desappear as the movement of life continues.

Birdie said...

I read something on change a few weeks back and how we all try so hard for things to stay the same. It asked what is Mozart, Bach, Einstein, Gandhi, Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King never wanted things to change. What if your life always stayed the same? Would you have your children? Where would you be without change?
I hate change but that opened my eyes a bit to the beauty of change.
But, I am sorry you are hurting and sad.

Isa said...

I believa in what you are saying as well. But, somentimes, I believe people only come in our lives to show us that's their path is not the one we want to follow.

I wish you all the best in the knew school.

Judy Croome said...

Inherent in every ending is a new beginning...embrace your sadness for what you're leaving behind and then look forward to the exciting new beginning that awaits you.

Good luck at your new school and a ((((BIG CYBER HUG)))))
Judy, South Africa

Jan said...

Goodness. That's a big change after two years. I understand your sadness. I always struggled with goodbyes and change also. I dealt with things like that by never going back and cutting everyone off. Pretending it didn't hurt and that I'd moved on but secretly longing to cling on to those people. I never got the balance quite right.

I like to think that these days, i am more comfortable with that saying you mention that you received in an email - about people coming into your life for a time for a reason, and the time being shorter or longer. And I hope I am gentler with letting people go - neither clinging on nor cutting them off. I think sometimes with the internet it is easier these days.

Your post has got me thinking Lana. I hope you soon find some comfort and a way to balance the past and future. You can take some of what you have been blessed with forward into all your present moments. I am sure the folks you have spent the last two years with will take your gifts forward with them too.

I always think it's funny what comes back into our lives too. I have people that keep popping up. I like to think everything has a meaning but it's probably simply random - helps for me to give it meaning.

Hugs to you Lana. xx

Shopgirl said...

I have the same issue with emails - it's tough but you are so right. Sometimes I write it out and keep it not sent so I get some release.

I hope you do keep in touch with the current school as you move on, and good luck with the new beginning.

paula devi said...

Hello dear Lana, You have been quiet for awhile. I lost track of when u will be at home in Jordan. I hope if that's where u r, tucked inside the love of ur family, u r holding every moment as precious, laughing around the table filled with good food and family, and taking many photos and making many memories. If u are back in Thailand you must be busy getting ready to begin at your new school. Abundant saalams to u my dear friend.

Tabouleh said...

oh my dear friends... thank you for your words of encouragement and wisdom... I am currently in Jordan with my family and I am enjoying every bit of it to the extent that i have not checked my blog or any other for a few days... i will be catching up soon with your entries but need a few more days as today my brother and his family will be arriving and so, as you can imagine, things will be quite busy... four grandchildren running around the house... but you are all in my heart and I will catch up with you and your lives soon... love you all... and I miss you!

paula devi said...


Tabouleh said...

oh Paula... Love you too sunshine... we just came back from the Dead Sea and I swear I thought of you... will definitely post pictures... have many post entries to write about when I go back to Thailand...