Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three Fingers

Have you ever thought about how diverse and yet similar cultures are in this world? Have you ever thought how they express similar ideas with a few variations? It is fascinating…
Many cultures have similar quotes that all mean the same thing, for example, “The straw that broke the camel’s back” is an Arabic proverb but there are variations to it in different writings and cultures; Charles Dickens used this “As the last straw breaks the laden camel’s back” and Thomas Fuller used this “’Tis the last feather that breaks the horse’s back.”
They all have similar connotations even though they are worded differently.
Another example is signing the number 3: Do you…
1.      Hold out your middle three fingers while your thumb holds down the little finger?
2.      Hold out your thumb, index and middle finger while your other two fingers are tucked in?
3.      Hold out your middle, forth and little finger while holding down your index finger with your thumb?

How do you sign the number 3? Is it any one of those ways?

They all mean the same thing even though there are variations on how to show it.
This makes me wonder about all the other ideas, issues or views that we all share in this world but think of them from a different angle or use diverse strategies to tackle them.
If we all shared the same goal but had various ways of achieving it, why can’t we all just come together, get along and share our ideas? I find it an advantage to the human race that we all have different ways of dealing with issues… We can all be a part of a thinking tank… people have different experiences and these can always be taken as valued contributions to solving problems…. There is no ONE absolute solution to a problem.  
It is like putting different kids in a group and watching them work together collaboratively to solve a problem… a common goal.  
We expect our kids to get along… come up with a solution… a compromise… a middle ground so that everyone in the group could contribute to achieve a target… a goal… feel a sense of belonging… and therefore be truly satisfied and content.
Why on earth is it difficult for all the adults in the countries of this world to think of themselves as part of a group to solve our common problems?
I know that the UN was established to do this but sometimes it does not seem like many countries pay much attention to its efforts…. For example, countries veto resolutions that, in my opinion, should not be vetoed. They disregard UN resolutions and think that they could carry on doing whatever it is that they want to do because no one can stop them (Please, bare in mind, I am not pointing fingers at any ONE country… they all do it).
I believe that we could learn from children and how they interact and come together to find a joint solution… yes… granted, they fight sometimes but in the end when they are guided well, they come together… They have different ways of expressing their views… different ways to show them but they share the same purpose…. the same end goal!
Signing 3… is signing 3… We all know that it is 3 and we all know its meaning no matter which way we do it… so let us come together and share the different ways we sign 3.


Shopgirl said...

Lovely thoughts and ideas. I agree with you and am glad you are speaking out for agreements. The more people think like that, the faster we move towards that dream of peace.

Ofelia said...

Lovely post and you are right children tackle a problem right on without worrying about how they are going to be perceive or if another child has a different skin tone or speak with an accent.

Judy Croome said...

I sign 3 in the 3rd way. And I think that before societies or governing bodies can make different nations live in peace we, as individuals, have to learn how to live peace and tolerance in our daily lives...first inner peace, then peace and tolerance within our families, then our neighbourhoods and so on, spreading outward and upward until eventually the different nations can live in peace. Maybe one day we'll have peace in our time...
Judy, South Africa

Tabouleh said...

Thank you all for commenting... I agree... the sooner we find peace within ourselves and our community... the sooner we can achieve peace around the world... peace be upon you one and all!

paula devi said...

The concept of same but different is fascinating a one to think about and develop in our thinking.
On the one hand I am a realist and find it hard to think about nations being peaceful with each other. When we say nations we really are talking about governements, even though the word nation implies the people in it. Usually, the people in all nations suffer because of their governments one way or another.
Even though I am a realist, I believe in and pray for at the least peaceful co-existance and at the best, beneficial interaction, coorperation and pooling resourses to the betterment of us all.
Each one of us can lead by example and try to raise our children to do the same. Wouldn't it be wonderful if just seeing how differently we can sign for the same number and everyone understands - just so can we be different and still be the same.