Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lines in the Sand

It's amazing being an Arab raised on Arab Lands, living outside the Arab World, looking back inside in aw of it all. Trying to peer through the curtains, catching only glimpses of the history in the making, becoming only a media TV witness to the reignited courage of the people who have and still are changing their own stars and standing up for themeselves and their rights, shouldering the pain of change. It is a thrilling, pride- provoking feeling being that International Arab looking at how historical these events are in her lifetime and the lifetime of her parents and children.

And yet, it is hard watching the Arab World where I grew up, where I love and have loved ones, being torn apart by silly lines in the sand.


Anonymous said...

poignant perspective...
wishing for peaceful, rational, human, compassionate mindsets to rise above the 'silliness'. Can't we all just get along!!!! Prayers for us all!
We shall undoubtedly reach some 'sense', as a human species, this 2012, as the Earth has good vibes running through it. It is said that the celestial events on the 'higher playing fields' have not happened here on Earth for over 226,000 yrs. This is the climactic year. Google 'maharic ascension' and run down the rabbit's time THE Goalie-with a limp

Tabouleh said...

Thanks for sharing Goalie-with a limp... will check the maharic ascension out... wondering who you are though... Goalie with a limp? Am I supposed to remember something? Do give more hints please.

Tabouleh said...

Hold on, I think I know who you are!Street Hockey Goalie?

Birdie said...

Oh, for it were not for the lines in the sand where would we be? We are getting closer to them being erased. Every day we are one step closer.

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Birdie said...

PS- I love your header. Your babies are beautiful even from the back. Bless their hearts. xo

Tabouleh said...

Happy New Year to you too my dearest Barbara and thank you for all your support throughout my blogging months.