Sunday, January 1, 2012


It has been a while since I last wrote a post and it is only because I have just returned from a two week holiday down in the South of Thailand. I will write another post to introduce you to the different islands we visited but for now let me wish you all a wonderful, happy and prosperous new year. 

It is always at the beginning of the year that I think of everything I had done and experienced during the previous year. I think of whether I should be proud of myself or whether I need to work on something to improve and become a better person. 

Have I worked as hard as I could to be worthy of the money I earn? 

Have I extended a helping hand and supported those in need of some assistance? 

Have I apologized for hurting anyone and do I need to amend the way I behave? 

Have I been a good mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, friend, teacher or colleague? 

Have I acted in a way that would make my husband, children and parents proud?

Have I learned something new?

Have I improved on previously learned skills? 

Have I spent enough time with my family, friends, colleagues and even myself?

Have I been positive, adventurous and confident enough?

Have I been conscientious enough to the plight of the less fortunate people who struggle in the world?

Have I been understanding and forgiving of those who have wronged me in any way?

Have I set a good example for my children and students?

I'm afraid the answer to many of the questions that pass through my very busy mind cannot be answered. Even though I say, at the beginning of every year, that I have 365 days to accomplish all the above and answer them with a yes, I fail to do so. No matter how many days I have in a year, no matter how much time I assure myself that I have, there are never enough days, there is never enough time. 

That, however, does not mean that I must give up on this mission... I just have to remold my mind set at the beginning of every year to make it believe that anything is possible. And even though 365 days might not seem like enough time to do everything all at once, I can do them in baby step; taking one day at a time. 

Have a great year everyone. May it bring prosperity and a peace of mind to you and all those people out there in the world who are suffering from injustice, occupation, revolution, famine and natural disasters. Here's hoping that this new year will be a positive change for every living soul on this wonderful planet of ours. 

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