Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happiness... Day 8


Everything was moving on smoothly at the start of the day until I heard of a former student of mine who had passed on from a car crash back in Jordan. My heart ached for the family who were left behind longing to touch their son again. I cannot imagine how they feel.

Despite that, I was on a 21 day mission and I must stick to this challenge. I had to wrack my brain trying to remember the good parts of the day or what I was grateful for. Hearing such news wipes your mind clean as it overshadows every moment that preceded it. I sit here staring at the screen watching the cursor blink trying to think of what to write. mind goes blank... my What am I grateful for? Life? Yes, maybe this is how I should start my list.

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Life to experience the world around me and share in the lives of my loved ones.
2. Memories as they help me fossilize the image and interactions I had with them.
3. Time as with its passing I realize that I am a strong survivor no matter how much I am hurting.

Journal Entry:

Yesterday, was an ok day. Nothing great happened but nothing bad either. My son had a good talk with the councilor as she informed me. I do not yet know the details of the meeting but she will email me soon to let me know. When I asked my son if anything special happened that day, he answered with a negative but this pleased the councilor as it is the response she wanted to hear. To her, it means that she was normal, not a threat and nothing to be worried about. So all good on that front then.

I finished 'fixing' the cat cake... well as much as I could... it looks like a cat but one that has just been into some mischief coming out with a dirty face. I wanted to coat it with another layer of vanilla icing but I found none at the store... only chocolate. Yes, I do not make my own... I tried once with my son's dinosaur cake ... oh boy what a mess... so decided to go for the store bought one. Now I am thinking, maybe I should have risked it again... oh well, what is done is done.. My husband and Cake artist friend say that she will love it no matter how it looks... I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

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Wapack said...

OK, I know the photo is not of your creation, and I recall you said you would share one, so.. quick, take one before it is eaten.

And I agree, I'm sure she will love it. No need to feel like you have to keep up with the Jones anyway (is there a similar phrase in the Arabic world?).