Monday, February 6, 2012

Happiness... Day 3


3 things I am grateful for:
1. A home to shelter me during bad weather.
2. Hands to wipe my children's tears and hold their hands.
3. Money to buy food to nourish our bodies and medicine to clear the pain.

Journal Entry:
The family had a fun time at the mall yesterday and the best part was cooking our own food at MK's. Yes... I know it sounds weird doing the cooking yourself when going to a restaurant means you expect to have your food cooked and served to you. But it is so much fun, the kids love it and it's so healthy.  

I would love to own a restaurant like MK's as it would be so easy to run. Chop up some vegetables, slice some meat of any kind (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc) and just give the customers some boiling water with some condiments and watch them cook it themselves. These restaurants are always full on Sundays and many times we had to put our names down on the waiting list.

However, I think that the restaurant would face so many law suits against it in the stricter countries such as the USA and Canada since it is not the safest of things to do. Boiling water can be splashed everywhere... accidents do happen. 

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