Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happiness... Day 4

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Sunsets that fill my life and nourish my soul with beauty.
2. River boats in Bangkok that, despite the dirty klongs, get me to my destination quicker and avoids traffic. 
3. My Nanny who takes care of my daughter and allows me to be a bread winner in the family.

Journal Entry

Yesterday, I had to leave work early to pick up my daughter from school because my helpful nanny had to work on her immigration Visa. Even though that is a little inconvenient for my school, I actually cherish those rare moments when I can pick up my own daughter and see her face light up when she sees me. Spending a little extra time with her reading books or teaching three new Arabic letters was so much fun.

I had a good day at school working with my students. I had to have a firm talk with one student in particular because he was trying so hard to avoid the work that needed to be done. So as to get him to complete at least 3/4 of the work, I wrote out all the problems down for him, breaking them into chunks and then left him to do a few before checking in on him. He did well after the talking to but I felt that not much was expected of him before and so, despite his I-am-the-best attitude towards everything, he was doing the bare minimum. I explained to him that I saw right through that mask of his and that I, on the other hand, expected much more of him. He found this approach a little different to the extent that he started asking me whether his work during that lesson was better than the previous ones. Hopefully he will get used to my style of teaching and aim to improve his productivity.

After that lesson, I had to make my way to the klong. I enjoyed riding on the boat taxi this time round as it was not that crowded and it moved along the river quite quickly. allowing me to feel the breeze blowing my hair away from my neck cooling me down. in the process And even though it was a hot day, I enjoyed my walk through the soi to find a taxi that would take me home and then to my ray of sunshine. 

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