Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happiness... Day 15

3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Being a working mother... it has its perks. I know I come home tired as my days are 12 hours long but working makes me efficient at what I do. I have less time to spend with my children after work but every minute counts and I make an effort to use them wisely. I know how the saying goes "quality over quantity' and even though I bare some guilt for not spending enough time with my children during the week, I am grateful for the quality of this time. Every minute counts. Every minute counts to keep the kids aware that mama still loves them and always there for them.

2. A moment to breath. I can steal a few moments in the day just to sit and breath in a calming river of air. I need to steal those moments sometimes as there is so much to do in the day that I lose track of time often forgetting to eat. So oxygen is a quick  refreshing replacement.

3. Email and Facebook. I know that many people do not like the latter form of social networking but honestly it brings me as close as I could possibly get to my beloved friends and family, even students, who are physically far away. I am the kind of person who thrives on contact. I love reading about other people's everyday thoughts, adventures and experiences, even the trivial boring ones. Why? Because I love the joy their accomplishments and good fortune bring me... I love learning from their strings of thought... I love discovering bits and pieces of news that I had no knowledge of.... It is like being in a social circle having a discussion about whatever... I do not have to search for these strings and pieces... they are always brought to me on an electronic silver tablet. What more could I ask for?

Journal Entry

I was in bliss yesterday morning. My secret admirer came into my room and placed a huge wooden round tray on my desk and began emptying the contents of her brown cloth bag on it; Hummus, Tabouleh, Arabic bread, Flafel, pickles and the green hot sauce. The tray looked beautiful. Wow! I was so lucky to be treated to such an Arabic feast here in Thailand.

My secret admirer was supposed to provide me with such a hospitable breakfast last week but she and I were at a conference together and she was unable to do so.  I do not usually see her in our office and when she came in, I was a bit surprised. It was such an awesome way to introduce herself. I felt admired and special.

I have been missing some Arabic food for some time now and her surprise was well timed. I shared this feast with my office mates, my husband and son and therefore it made the whole experience a more satisfying one.


Birdie said...

I used to love Facebook and I think I would still love it if I did not live in the same community that I was born in. It is great for people who don't have regular contact with family and friends.

Tabouleh said...

I agree... I much prefer the personal touch... if I weer in Jordan I would definitely stay in touch with my friends and family through visits and phone calls....but Facebook makes a huge difference when far away...