Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happiness... Day 11

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3 Things I am grateful for:

1. Flowing conversations where each person's views is heard and verified. Without those conversations, defensive walls rise, word shells start to fly and hurt is felt on both ends. It is not easy to start a conversation especially if things were tense to begin with. But with a little spoonful of understanding and another of control, things start to move along. But like any river, there are many pebbles along the way but none too big to stop the water from flowing.

2. Arms and Legs. I watched a video of a man, born with no arms and legs, who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro via the harder route. Wow! What an inspiration and one who reminded me that there is nothing a person cannot do. It reminded me of how lucky I was to have healthy and complete limbs that give me the gift of holding my children, reading and typing and walking from one place to another with such easy. I am truly blessed.

3. My daughter who, as she entered this world, brought along with her so much joy, sunshine and added a skip to my step every day. Watching her sleep, snuggling and kissing her, listening to her talk and play and above all grow, fills my soul with so much happiness. She was a fighter while still in the womb. And when she decided to arrive, she did so exactly at the time I wanted her to. I did not want to take an early maternity leave as I wanted to spend as much time as I could with her when she was born. After weeks of nagging, I succumbed to my husband and my mother's wishes and decided to take a week early off of school. My little girl was due on the 19th and my last day at school was on the 12th. She decided to listen to my woes and give me the pleasure of spending an extra week with her at home arriving on the 14th.

Journal Entry:

I had a crying session yesterday when I received an email from the school's Exceptional Department informing me that my son was nominated to be an Exceptional Child. All my suspicions were verified at that point. I have been suspecting this for a long time especially that he is a sensitive boy who responds with such intensity to people's emotions, especially family. His knowledge is amazing and his recall for detail is as amazing as well.

The other day our friend was talking to him about a frozen mammoth that was found in Canada and that there is a possibility that they can clone it as they have some DNA and I am not sure what the rest of the story was. But my son came to me worried that this mammoth might be revived and would attack people in towns. He wanted us to call his grandparents in Canada to warm them and ask them to flee with their lives. He cried and panicked that there is a possibility that his loved ones might get hurt.

When we discussed it and I assured him that the people in charge will have the ability to control a mammoth as they have strong weapons, he turned to me and said,"No mama, the people who used sticks with sharp rock knives a long time ago were stronger and braver than the people now. They had to think of a plan and work as a group. They did not hide and they did not fire a gun from a distance. They are strong and they are more brave. But we are not like this and so we might not be able to control the mammoth."

After he calmed down he informed me that females have an XX chromosome and males have an XY chromosome. He is SIX!!!!

I had to stop for a second and take a breath. My boy is an emotional thinker.

We still have to fill out forms and it is only in the nomination stage... so nothing might come out of this but I suspected it and I was glad that someone saw it and nominated him as I did not want to toot my own motherly horn.



Isa said...

Your boy is AMAZING!


Tabouleh said...

Thank you Isa... if he is passed as an Exceptional Child, I only want him to be treated as normally as possible... I do not want him to stick out and feel different... so my expectations of him and how we treat him will not change... I miss your blog and am hoping that you have some time on your hands to let us know how you are doing. Love Lana