Monday, March 7, 2011

The Need to Make a Difference


I know I watch the craziest and silliest shows ever... my husband tells me that I have the worst taste in TV by far. I know... I know... but sometimes I want to escape my real life and jump into a sea of unreal people. I am not referring to my life as being normal... I have a life far from normal... I am blessed  Ilhamdullillah (Thank God), compared to the millions of people out there who are what I consider to be living the normal life...  I am just saying that it is the real deal compared to the crap that I watch on TV... well on E! to be exact. 

Everything is scripted on E! and its reality shows! It is like a soap opera but made in such a way that it would make people believe that it was not made in the studios.... and even though the 'reality shows' might not be filmed inside a studio, they actually turn the involved peoples' WHOLE house into a studio.... so what is the difference? It is just made in such a way that would make, the viewers, adorers and 'blind' people fall in love with them and follow them religiously. 

I should maybe put myself in this category even though I do not follow it religiously.... still I switch to the channel the moment my butt hits that couch after the kids go to bed, I had finished washing the dishes or prepared my son and daughter's bags for school the next day.... I then flip to documentaries, news or sports channels... but when I need a break from those, I turn to this channel or the others that include Dance and singing shows which I like... but my best contest shows have got to be Top Chef or Master Chef shows...

I have got to admire Angelina Jolie... I choose the word 'got to' because she has done so much in her life... she is still young and can you imagine the 'stuff' she could do with the next half or 3/4 of her life? And I am not talking only about her films but about her GIVING to the world, her adoption of kids to make the life of some of those who are unfortunate, a little bit better... one by one... I have got to admire her! 

I honestly do not give a rat's ass what the tabloids say she has done in her past life or how she and Brad Pitt got together... I actually love the way they hooked up... it reminds me of how I got hooked up with my husband.... the interest started on the set of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith... a set of a movie is kind of like the backstage of a theater which is where the interest between my husband and I started.... so it is so romantic and when it feels right, it feels right... give up  the criticism people!

Anyway, I have moved away from the actual idea behind my post.... Angelina Jolie does not go on reality TV when she really should... a reality TV on what happens to REAL people... would raise awareness of such beautiful yet sad places.... which would be great! However, the entertainment business would not want to lose money because people would be switching to different channels if they air such programs. 

I am not saying 'everyone' is watching only E! and the E!- wanna- be shows..... I know many do not and do loads of good around them.... I am just venting about the others.. so bear with me...

I have always wanted to help people like Angelina does but sometimes I find my hands tied... I know that should not be an excuse...But think how hard it is for me not to be doing anything right now?

I mean I have volunteered to teach orphans English during High school summers, volunteered at the UNICEF working with Palestinian Refugee camps, took part in two army summer camps where we hopped from one town to another getting to know our country, Jordan, but also helping the people living in them to clean their muddy worm infested water reserves, painted dusty public school walls and built play grounds for them as well as doing some army exercises, like climbing abseiling, hiking, climbing, trekking and shooting.... and this was during my university years....

I went on to join a group of wonderful caring teachers, LEAP, to help public schools in Lilongwe, by raising funds drawing cards and making bottle openers to provide those schools with the basic essentials, such as locks, visual paintings of lungs and water cycles, wooden desks and breeze blocks for empty windows... and this was while I was teaching in Malawi....

I am not trying to toot my horn here but I was thinking of how much I loved that and how much I miss it.  

I loved the feeling it generated in me... I loved the smiles on the faces of the children and the happiness and relief in their parents' eyes... it feels great to give a part of yourself and your time to making a difference in yourself, your character but most importantly in someone else's life.

I am living in Bangkok, Thailand now and have applied for a consulting job at the UNRWA to see if I can be of any help to the local schools here to provide them with advise on how to start Special Needs Departments and just plain support of those special students. I thought maybe it would bring me closer to the needy schools or the people helping out and then I could start doing something.... but they have not contacted me yet.... so I guess I am back to square one...


that should not be an excuse... right?


I have done it before


could do it again.... but why am I not doing it right now? Kids? I know they take loads of time but look at Angelina, I mean she has six and still manages to do all that she does. 

Man, what I would do to work with Angelina Jolie on one of her projects.... it would be a dream come true... not because I would be working with her, even though that would thrill me, but that it would give me the chance to make a difference in my countries... I say countries because my father is Iraqi, my mother is Palestinian and I was brought up in Jordan... I love the people of all three countries dearly and would love to help out. 

It has always been a dream of mine... either to help them socially, by trying to build their confidence and build awareness of equal rights for men and women, educationally by providing books or build awareness of Special Needs students as it is my specialty.... or medically since my father is a doctor, and therefore by helping send medical equipment and medicines.... Anything!

I would love to join Angelina Jolie on her quest to make a difference.

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