Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Fragile Shell

It feels like I am dancing on my own
to the beat of my heart alone
to the movement of my own life
and the sorrows of a meaningless strife

Twirling in complete oblivion
only fearing the inevitable fall
unaware of the magical moments
and the uniqueness of it all

It feels like I am playing this game alone
without a partner to call my own
or a competitor to build suspense
and help the variation to commence

Running away from an invisible invader
fabricating a defensive transparent wall
shielding my eyes, protecting my soul
guarding myself from the threat of it all

The faint voice within never lies
It is only in my troubled mind
breaking the fragile shell must begin
before light and music can filter in

The mission seems insufferable
and at times impossible
 but the voice continues to croon
reminding me that there will be a new moon

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