Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reacting to the Horror

I have been listening to and watching the news more intently than ever since December of 2010 and I find myself sensing mixed feelings towards the whirlwind of it all. It started with me being so happy for Tunisia and Egypt... so scared at the beginning for them. at the same time.. because I had family and friends in Cairo and also because I visited Tunisia for a big family reunion and had so much fun that it made me fall in love with the country wanting to live there since I was 7 years of age.

I have been wanting the Arab World to wake up and demand change, development and rights for such a long time. Demand a better standard of living. Demand jobs and education. Demand equal rights for women and children. And my dream has come true... I am so proud of these two countries and others who have brought change and helped their leaders see the err of their or their parliaments' ways.  

But now this wish has turned into a nightmare... I was proud of the Libyan people for standing up against a tyrant but now I find myself worrying about them and fearing for their future or lack of it. That being;  if it ended well, then Gadhafi would be out and the country back in it's deserving peoples' hands, and if it ended badly, then we know what that would be like plus a million lives lost.  

However, I am certain that it will end well as the whole world has come together against that UHU dictator. For some time now I have been needing and wanting to feel proud of where I come from and I got what I needed and wanted only a few days ago. The Arab League finally came together and united on the right thing to do which was to approve a No-Fly-Zone over Libya to prevent this UHU from attacking his own people.

And then you have Japan and the horrific natural hazard that hit them. The number of lives that were taken is in the thousands... the amount of damage and destruction is immeasurable...sometimes, when looking at the news and the pictures.... I feel that it is all a film... there cannot be so much destruction and death can there? My heart goes out to them... 

I am not sure if this year is bringing in a lot of sunshine, happiness and positivity and I am not sure whether it will... maybe I am being pessimistic... I feel pessimistic tonight after watching the news. However, I am still thankful for the people who bring it. They risk their lives; some are in Tokyo, despite the amount of radiation that is floating around and the risk of the reactor exploding, and some are in Libya undergoing bombings and the threat of something going against the plan.

I hope that the next time I switch on the Television, I will watch some evidence of a ray of light, of hope, of survival and of construction...

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Birdie said...

It is overwhelming isn't it? I am told that we need to have the bad things happen for people to stand up and say this is not right. I am hoping that we are heading to a time where there will be unity and love. It starts at home. I mean look at us. We are from different parts of the world with very different backgrounds but we are communicating and opening our hearts and minds to a different way of living. How great is that? It is happening everywhere. It is going to keep spreading. Exciting isn't it?