Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Love Spontaneity

I thought yesterday would be one of those same Saturdays that we have every week and for the past few months. But I was pleasantly surprised! I woke up the usual time by the same tiny person in my life. She wanted her milk and the potty and I thought we have started the day on the same old foot. My son woke up an hour later and it was a morning full of milk, apples and marshmallows. 

After taking my daughter to buy some essential items like diapers and milk, we made our way to the senior citizens center where we played hockey. We met our friends there and played a few games, the kids had fun feeding the fish, playing tag, the freeze game and drawing on the pavement with street chalk.Just a normal Saturday... well so we thought!

Since we had a good time we canceled some plans we had about going to a shopping mall  for some new shoes for my husband and our son, and asked some friends to come to ours for a spontaneous gathering. Everyone pitched in to buy some chicken on a stick and some sticky rice. Other friends brought some fruit and we had a paddle pool for the kids to spend the day swimming and discovering the fish that were placed in it (I was actually against this as I thought it was traumatic for the fish... but I was outnumbered).... The kids also had monster tattoos placed on every part of their bodies...tattoos that take such a long time to take off...

The weather was awesome and sunny...  and everyone had such a good time. The kids played really well together, eating chicken, peanut butter, strawberry jam and cheese sandwiches along with carrots, broccoli and cucumbers... we brought out every single veggie or fruit we had. Since it was all spontaneous, we had not stocked up for the gathering.

At the end of the day, which was around 8 hours later, we decided to put on Madagascar for the kids and  have some down time with all of us sitting around the TV waiting for the pizzas to be delivered and our friend to pop some popcorn.

We woke up this morning and had to clean up... but it was a fun clean up... I do not usually enjoy tidying up the place as I have to do it every day, sometimes twice a day if not more, but this time it was different... every time I cleaned something up I remembered something funny that happened the day before... The best part of the day was the kids... they truly had a blast and loads of activity and vitamin D.

I like being spontaneous every once in a while... it frees the spirit and is also less stressful because no one really expects you to be prepared or make loads of food and the like... it is pressure free... and just full of sunshine smiles and easy going natures...

Life feels like a drag sometimes when it follows a routine for months... I mean there are some things that one must stick to a routine for, like bedtime for little ones and when they eat... but on the whole it is so much fun and refreshing to veer off and break that routine... sometimes we really have to learn from our kids... they know how to have fun,how to laugh,  be themselves and do things spontaneously.

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