Sunday, March 6, 2011

In need of a vacation!


I need a vacation and don't we all...

Man, when they say the best years of your life are your university years, they probably think it is because you do not have the kind of responsibilities that you have when you are older and out into the real world, with a job and kids to take care of. You are just carefree, just worry about your courses and where to get your next bite, partying, socializing and keeping fit.

Now we are at a different stage where we raise kids and/or just working to make a living and saving money... and I know the next stage in our lives would be different where the kids have grown up and out of the house or we are retired... so what is there to do then? Explore the world by traveling...

I love traveling and remember how my parents used to take us to so many different countries to  discover, explore and get to know. And after I graduated from University, I traveled to other countries to continue that sense of adventure they had instilled in me. Seeking adventure continued even after I got married as I was lucky to meet and marry a man who loved exploring as well. The first continent we sought to explore was Africa... and wow what an adventure that was!

I have to admit that even after having two kids, that sense has never ceased to exist. The only thing that has changed is our choice of where to go and planning the hotels or lodges we stay at before we get there. I remember just taking the chance of getting to a city and travel around from lodge to lodge until we found one that we liked or had a vacancy. That spontaneity had to stop when we had kids. We needed to make sure that it had a safe and comfortable environment for the kids, somewhere they can have fun, a restaurant, the rooms had a bathroom and an air-condition if it was a hot place... etc. And whether or not we could afford it. 

Yes, the sense of exploring new places did not stop after the kids came... and it never should if we ever wanted that sense seed to be planted and watch it grow in our little ones .

Which reminds me...I need a vacation... but then again... my whole life has been an adventure!

Here are a few links you can browse if you are interested in having an adventure of your own;

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