Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh for the Love of Chocolate


There is something about chocolate that I cannot resist… and even though horrible zits that may appear on the side of my face if I indulge, I continue to inhale them with much gusto. I cannot seem to stop myself! I can go for any kind of chocolate, M&Ms, Galaxy, Twix, Mars, Minstrels, Maltesers bitter chocolate… Any kind of Cadbury, Kit Kat, you name it, I have had it… I enjoy all of them… I like the way they melt in my mouth and I think that is the reason why women like it so much.
I am sure there have been many scientific experiments and theories to tackle the issue of why women love chocolate so much but I am not sure if there have been any conclusive results. Besides, why would I care what a scientist tells me if I know that I love it! It would make no difference to me.
As Deanna Troi in Star Trek, The Next Generation said, “I have never met a chocolate I didn’t like.” I have never had a piece of chocolate that made me feel sad or lonely. I have never had a piece of chocolate that lectured, disagreed or blamed me for anything or even made me feel inadequate. I actually think the chocolate that I eat want me to try them out… devour and enjoy them. Even their wrappers attract me… so colorful and inviting! They make me feel wanted… they want me to buy and eat them. It feels so good to feel wanted, isn’t it?
My husband knows exactly what to get me if he stayed out late the night before…. Chocolate... he uses it as a bribe and then helps himself to some LOL! It is like the men buying their sweethearts chocolate candies in heart-shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day and then eating half of its content before presenting the gifts to them. Makes me laugh!
The Book Chocolat and the movie starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, are simply wonderful… I loved reading the book which is a little different than the movie but it does not really matter… the descriptions in the book and the way they make the chocolate in the movie, makes your mouth water but they also touch on the positive effect chocolate has on an individual. In case you have not seen the movie, here is the trailer... watch and enjoy the movie while you eat or drink your chocolate (or if you are a reader... then enjoy the reading in bed while you nibble on delicious pieces of chocolate). 

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Birdie said...

Last Christmas I bought each of my kids a HUGE tin of Malteasers. I ended up eating most of them. LOL! BAD mom!