Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's The Universe!


Here are four beliefs that I cannot totally explain but I like them just the same:
  • I believe that one sends out words into the universe... wishes... dreams... and somehow they are received... and many times answered...  I am not sure how it happens... and I'm not sure exactly why... I have some reasons in my head but the one I like the most is that the universe cares ... and if we waited and were patient, then we will get what we want if we just have the courage to put it out there.A few months ago, I was yearning to go back to my adventurous life and do some hiking, climbing or white water rafting.... something I have not done since the kids were born and somehow, the very next day, I received an email from the new school teachers who had signed me up for a school trip where students will go on hiking and white water rafting trips.  
  • I believe that whatever is best for us will happen... it might take time and maybe it won't be quite in the circumstances that we had hoped for but still they happen. Can you think of anything that happened to you, that did not seem too good to start with but it proved to be what was best for you?
  • I believe we are all connected in one way or another on this Earth of ours and what we do or say will affect and have a domino effect on other people in the world.... sometimes, if we thought of a person, s/he mysteriously calls or shows up.... has that happened to you before?
  • I believe that anyone can change their stars. Nothing is written on stone... no one can stand in the way of determined people...if one is determined to make it happen... the universe will make sure that it does.... it does not matter what people say about a person or label her/him as, that person has the ability to overcome that and change her/his stars and I bet the forces out there will help that person work towards his/her goal.
Any beliefs that you have that makes you smile and helps you believe that this world works in mysterious ways?


    Judy Croome said...

    Lana, what a thought-provoking post. I agree that the words we send out come back to us in shape or form...I agree that ultimately whatever happens is for the best...I agree that we are all connected on a soul level which transcends our physical and cultural differences...and, while I believe that our astrological birth charts are blue prints to our soul's purpose on life, as humans we have been gifted with Free Will, the use of which always overrides any planetary energies.

    My favourite quote on this subject (from my favourite play): "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet, Act 1, Sc v)

    Judy, South Africa

    Tabouleh said...

    Hey Judy... I also believe that the general picture or outline of out lives is predisposed and that we also had a hand in choosing the life we wanted to learn a few lessons in life which would ultimately lead us to unconditional love of ourselves and others....but like you, I believe that anyone can override any situation we found ourselves in.... the ultimate goal is for us to learn in this life... work towrds something...
    I love that quote from Hamlet... what was it in answer to? I mean what context did it come in? I must research this ... thanks for sharing... and for reading.

    paula devi said...

    Lana, I too believe everything you wrote. The Universe is the beating heart of the "one that is all of us together". The Universal energy is love - God, Love, Only good - we just need to connect to that love. The only way i have discovered to contect with the whole is to connect with each one i see or meet or just pss in the street with love, honor and acknowledgement of our shared humanity This is the love we reflect back to our source -

    Now I am going to think of some examples that you ask for of things that I personally experienced. I'll be back.
    Can you imagine if we were both having tea at the same table and talking? It would never end. Inshallah!

    Tabouleh said...

    I LOVE that phrase "The Universe is the beating heart of "the one that is all of us together"" how awesome is that sentence... I keep reading it to myself and love it more every time... it is so true and summarizes what I believe in...
    I can see us sitting around a kitchen table talking... i love sitting around the kitchen table for some reason..... I find it one of the warmest places in the house... unfortunately for me... our kitchen here in Bangkok is so small and there is no room for a table and some chairs... but my dinning room table would suffice... so when do you plan on visiting?

    Ofelia said...

    I believe that the universe does manifest what is in our minds and dreams. So when we are thinking we are planning and attracting our future even if that future is 5 minutes from now or 5 years from now.
    By the way I tag you an award back in my post of July 30th. Please check it out.

    Tabouleh said...

    So true Ofelia... I agree!
    You awarded me something? really? How did I miss that? Thank you! I will check out your post.