Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Favorite Word


Are you the kind of person who likes words? 

The other night my husband asked me what my favorite word was. I found it hard to choose one out of the many that I stored in my semi-organized brain; safe, acceptance, loyalty, caring, love to name a few. I did not know which one to choose at that moment..  but I went with safe as we had a friend sleeping over who feared going back home, but then a few days later I changed it to family because I had such a good time with my kids, and then to dedication today because I need to stick to a meditation routine that my friend Paula is trying to work me through.

There are so many words out there that mean so much to so many and maybe the best way to choose a word is day by day... as each day brings up a new emotion, a new experience and new contact with a person or living thing... and that in turn sparks up a few sensations which are allotted a word. (Am I making sense?).

Is there one word out there that could summarize your entire emotional state in one word?  

For me  this word is one that I could use when I am feeling ok or sad... it is a word which could be described as arrogant and one which is often used by teenagers nowadays...whatever... I use it when I either do not want to make decisions, am happy with anything,  or I feel bummed out and do not really care what we do or eat, watch or play... But I usually use it with a shrug of my shoulders and sometimes a smile... I really think that this one word fully depicts the emotions that would be swimming within me at that moment.

There are a few other Arabic words that I use and that have become ingrained in my everyday vocabulary that sometimes I have to really focus so as not to use them in a class where no one speaks Arabic. Do you have such a word that you continuously use and sometimes it comes out without you meaning for it to?


Birdie said...

Namaste. I love the word Namaste.

I even have it a small bumper sticker on my car that gives the greeting.


OK, the word verification for my comment is UNDISHY! LOL That is my new favorite word!

Tabouleh said...

I love the word Namaste.... and the sticker idea... it is like giving everyone a blessing when you car passes by...
What does Undishy mean? I tried finding it on the internet but only go ones that are for a gothic band or something... seems cute and I am intrigued...

db said...

Kindness: That is my word. It is where I want to be even when I'm not there. It is what I like to give and what I like to receive. If we could all be that, we would all be in much much better shape. It is also a burden as there is so much kindness needed. Too much really, which is probably alsoa good thing for me. Being that way gives so much back, at least for me, usually. And even when it doesn't I know it is the right place to be.

After that, wild. ;-)

Thanks for asking.

Jan said... this in the way that you use it Lana. Great.

One word? Oooh this is so hard - I find it so hard to pin myself down. First thing that came to mind was my fav word from back in the day....Tolerance. Had to think on that for a while as it didn't seem to fit for me now. This is my word chain: So I choose "Love".

Coming a close second are

Tabouleh said...

Kindness.... yes definitely I would go for that db and you are spot on when you say that we need more of it... it will take the world many years to heal... but it I believe change is coming... with every new generation and our rapid globalization/traveling... things will change...

Laughter and fun... yeah I think I would go for those too... the laughter of young children and elders... love that Jan!

Anonymous said...

Blessings...#1) because of course it's not my real name #2) I wish them for everyone..every where :)
~~Peace & Love~~

Birdie said...

LOL. Undishy is not even a word! It should be though. It was just the random letters Blogger came up with for a password verification. I should have remembered that English is not your first language. ;-)

Tabouleh said...

Blessings is a great word... thanks for that... hope your days are always showered with blessings too.
LOL Barbara... so what does it mean to you and how do you used it... which context?

Isa said...

I don't have one favourite word, but one that touches my heart is ONLY portuguese, ans even when you translate it, it looses some of its meaning: SAUDADE. It's Nostalgy in English, but it means much more than that. It is related to our historical past and I could talk about this word for hours.
Another word that touched me greatly was invented by a former boss I had (the only one I really liked) and it is DREAMALITY. My boss had had a very big accident and in the time he was recovering and doing therapy he came up this word to translate how he was feeling: like being in a dream but still awake.

I love words. I love their history, their meanings, their ambiguity.


Ofelia said...

For me is thank you!
I've been help and assisted at many times in my life and some of the most giving people that I had ever meet were so gracious that all the wanted for their support was a thank you.
Words that I really dislike are excuses; there are meaningful ones but people just uses them as a stepping stone to do wrong and get away with it.
I had made many mistakes in my life but the best part of accepting my humanity was to accept responsibilities for my own mistakes and not to blame others.

Tabouleh said...

Awesome contributions from Isa and Ofelia... I like your choice of words and each one with a different intake as each word means something different to everyone... I like how your boss, Isa, made up his own word based on what he was going through... and thank you, Ofelia, is definitely two words that are extremely important... to give thanks to the people who supported you and also YOU... as we are the most important people in our lives... without us we cannot thank others for being so wonderful. Am I making sense?
Thank you both for your comments that are thought provoking...