Sunday, August 7, 2011

I was Tagged

A week ago I was tagged in my blogger friend, Ofelia's My Intended Life's post about what might be in my makeup bag and then share around 7 to 10 things about myself.

I had never written anything about what I use to keep my skin clean and healthy and my face glowing. I took this as a challenge since I hardly use any make up unless there is a certain occasion or I have a nasty zit on my cheek. It was also a good way for me to see that I really need to be making an effort to take better care of myself. 

I also added a few things about me that I have not shared on my blog because I am not that skilled at them and therefore felt reluctant to share. 

I have decided to share what is in my bathroom and on my tiny dresser as I do not carry a make up bag with me.

After my daughter was born and I stopped breast feeding, my hair began to fall off in big chunks... the fact that we were moving to Bangkok in a month did not help the situation at all. I decided that I needed help to nourish it before I turned bold and therefore, on the weekends I use Palmer's Olive Oil Formula. It has a little more ingredients that olive oil and even though it says on the tub that I should use a little of it on the tips of my hair and my scalp everyday, I use a big heap of it once a week... it does the trick...

I not only love using this ingredient in my salads.... I also use extra virgin oil on my face as I heard from my mother and sister-in-law's mother than it is excellent for the face... I have to admit that I sometimes forget to do it everyday... however, when I do remember, it feels so good to have it on... refreshes my skin and leaves it glowing...

Another few creams that I found amazing and that I use in the morning and night are from the brand Garnier. I also use its eye lightener on my eyes at night to avoid having black circles under my eyes, I never had a big problem with those but I am beginning to notice that the color of the skin around my eyes is slowly changing as I approach 40. I also recently found out that Aloe Vera is not only great for burns but for the skin in general... so I use it a few times a week on my face in the morning and find it smooths my skin and refreshes me in general... and the icing on the cake is how it smells... I love it.

I had to include this picture as my daughter jumped in front of the camera many times as I was taking the above pictures and wanted so much to be in one... I also saw that she had collected some stuff from my shelf in the bathroom and brought them to me to take a picture... What she brought was my Nivea deodorant and the Bio Oil that I used on my belly to avoid stretch marks when I was pregnant with both my kids. I find that it also helps with blemishes and other scares.
Last summer in Jordan, my mother bought me this Lilly of the Valley perfume. I love wearing it but because I cannot find it here in Bangkok, I use it on special occasions only... it means a lot to me because she bought it while we were out shopping together. I do not like shopping like I used to when I was younger... but I love it when I go with my mother or any of my two sisters... it is different when you go with somebody you love and cherish.

Two other things that I thought of sharing are the below items... one of them I think I cannot live without and that is my Max Factor Mascara... The reason why I say this is because I do not have lashes... well I do but they are not long and are light brown and therefore to outline my eye and show that they exist I need to wear it every morning before I go out to work. The other item is a miracle I believe... it is a concealer but one that blends in so well that people would not notice you are wearing any... I use it when I have a zit that I wish to hide.
My daughter wanted to be in this one as well and she brought forward something I have not used in ages and was supposed to throw away a few months ago... Even though it is a very good brand and scrub, I started using a natural one from time to time and that is sugar mixed with lemon juice... it is a great scrub and leaves my skin wonderfully smooth and fresh as well as lightens the blemishes. 
 One thing that I like to do from time to time is fabric painting... I am not that good at it but the idea of making some for family and friends is what motivates me to continue... maybe I would share some of what I made for the kids in another post... but I liked these ones because they were made for a dear cousin of mine who is a Yoga Master and teacher.... she wanted to make them into meditation cushions.
I love organizing parties for my kids and the last one was for my son who turned 5 in October and wanted a Dinosaur themed birthday. It is a Pinata and it took around 3 weeks to prepare... well I was waiting for everything to dry to add to it or paint so I did not work on it everyday. My husband told me that I needed to put more layers of newspaper because it might break easily... now even though the kids found it a little hard to break through to the sweets, toys and little pens and erasers only meant that the adults were able to join in the fun. It is a Stegosaurus by the way.

Two other things that I love are candles and photography.... There is something about candles that warms my heart and brings peace and serenity into my life... I also love taking pictures and I have probably accumulated thousands of pictures trying to capture the essence of the moment... I know nothing about photography and would love to learn by taking courses... someday, when I have more time on my hands I will... it is a beautiful Art.

Foods we eat at home....
Brown bread ... whole wheat or grain.
Brown rice
Cook in soybean oil if we needed to fry my homemade chicken nuggets for the kids.
We eat loads of fruit and veggies.
We eat more shrimp and chicken than red meat but we certainly love it too.
For treats? Well we try to go for Fish chips (never heard of them? We never did until we arrived in Thailand... they are thin strips of dried fish and quite nice... the kids love them)... weed crisps... and popcorn... but if we wanted some naughty fattening crisps we go for the whole wheat Tortilla or Doritos one... Having said that... I also love binging on those delicious naughty crisps as well.

OK the blogs that I nominate to let us know 7-10 things about themselves and what is in their make-up bag are:
Paula from Everyday Radiance

Jan from Staying Awake

Rachel from Because I said so

Christen from Queen of Cups


Ofelia said...

First of all, your baby girl is so gorgeous and precious!
Second, I find that we have many other things in common: like the love for olive oil and nature related ingredients to help us with our skin.
Third, I do think that the older we get the darker the circles around our eyes become.
Fourth, you paint fabrics!!!!
This is amazing for me because I have lots of patience with kids and adults but not with object!
It was very nice to find out more about you and your life.
Thanks for share with us and have a lovely week,

Birdie said...

I didn't know Olive oil could be used on skin. How do you put it on? I have just started using organic apple cider vinegar on my face because my hormones are going nuts and leaving me with a broken out face. Will let you know how it works. I don't wear any makeup and only use organic and natural soaps and shampoos. I have a long list of chemicals that I will not have in the house so most of my products are very basic. I also eat local and organic as much as possible. I do love Doritos though. One of my downfalls! I am now having a brown rice chip instead.

Tabouleh said...

Hey Ofelia... thank YOU for tagging me...i actually enjoyed writing and taking pictures for this post... I was a bit nervous at the beginning because I had no clue what to write and make my pictures as beautiful as yours but then decided that this was not the essence of the post as sharing some things about myself... Thanks for the compliments on my daughter... she is my ray of sunshine and such a blessing...

Hi Barbara... long time... hope you are doing well and your mom is in no pain... I think and pray for all of you often...
Olive oil is great for the skin... for some reason I cannot explain... I just dab it on as is... and leave there for a while... sometimes for hours if I am just working at home or watching the TV or reading on the Internet... sometimes I do not need to wipe it but if I needed to sleep then all I need to do is wipe it off with a damp towel... try it I bet you will like it... I also heard about Apple cider on blemishes... I never tried it but I think I will when I have a zit... thanks for that! Organic is the way to go and if it were not so expensive I would buy everything organic... I go for local and organic veggies and fruit like yourself... unless there is something that I miss so much in Bangkok like blue and straw berries... What are brown rice chips? I heard of rice cakes and rice crisps... are they the same but made of brown rice?

Jan said...

Oh a tagging game! ;) Thank you Lana. Will be thinking on this one and posting at the weekend. What great pictures with your little one smiling so widely. I've never thought of using Olive oil on my skin. Loved learning a little bit more about you - great fabric painting! I think i would like to try fish chips too. lol @ the funny name.

paula devi said...

Your daughter is beautiful and precious - (chamsa wa chamsa)

I am embarrassed to say that I have no routine. When we arrived in NJ my sister-in-law asked "where's all your stuff?" "What stuff" I asked back? "Face care stuff, where is it, you know everyone has some kind of regime", she looked appalled. The truth is I am stuffless. The only thing I use on my face is an essential oil blend called Earth's Essence, It is my own blend and it is superb.

Today I began to look for some things that you and Ofelia listed. I am so pathetic. Today I bought Ponds and have some on my little face and hope I don't slide off the pillow. I need some eye stuff and hair stuff.
I will shortly post and photo showing my new Womens Secrets To A Beautiful Me.

How's the new job going? Is everyday easier?

Tabouleh said...

I do not have a routine either Paula... so no need to feel embarrassed ... I buy those products above and sometimes I forget to use them every day... I added them because I too felt that I do not have much to go on... LOL... I am interested in this Earth's Essence... what is your blend? or is it a secret? I would love find out about it when you decide to write a post...
You re not pathetic at all... many of us think that there is more to life that taking care of our skin... good on ya!

Tabouleh said...

The new job? Going well... very supportive staff in my department... they try to help as much as possible... I just need to get to know the students and the teachers I will be working with a little bit more... thanks for caring are a star!