Monday, August 8, 2011

The Healing Powers of Fungus


I know the title of this post sounds unreal right? Wrong... you gotta watch this video... I am so impressed and am hopeful for the future. Can you imagine what mushrooms can do for our environment? It is incredible!

Paul Stamets who is a mycologist and an advocate for medicinal mushrooms  participated in a competition to help break down some diesel contaminated soil which resulted from a spill at a transportation field.

I am so grateful for my friend for sending me the email. There is so much hope left to help heal our world and help it grow and prosper.

Mushrooms break down toxic waste

Do you know of any plants that have such incredible healing powers?


Ofelia said...

I have new appreciation for mushrooms even though I don't eat them I now know how powerful they are!

paula devi said...

Fascinating. Mushrooms hold great power - think about the mushrooms used by Shamans for thousands of years for divination, etc. It seems that modern days science and medicine are returning to nature to find ways to heal and help our slowly dying environment. May they succeed in keeping healing and care the priority and not letting greed take over.
There are many healing properties in plants and herbs that are far superior to their medical counterparts.
Wonderful post, thanks Lana.

Jan said...

Great post Lana. Mushrooms are one of my favourite foods. Facinating video thanks for posting it. I often wish I had the wisdom of the women society used to call witches, to use plants and herbs for medicines and rituals.