Saturday, May 14, 2011

Understanding the Signs


Five times now, something happened when I tried posting my 'In A Rut' entry;

First Time: I was unable to post it at first... so I sent it to my gmail and then cut and pasted it onto Blogger.

Second Time: Blogger went down the first time and I was unable to click on the publish icon in time.

Third Time: I finally was able to post it and I received wonderful and encouraging comments from Hilary and Birdie... I even listened to some of their suggestions and went on a date with my husband last night and swam laps, without my children, this morning.

Fourth Time: Blogger went down and I lost the post as well as the wise comments. (They are still in my gmail inbox)..

After Blogger was up and running again, I decided not to try and re-post it a Fifth Time but listen to the signs, the omens, and just take it as something that I needed to put behind me... not place such negative feelings on my blog to read and reread them... and get myself all worked up over and over again...I did not give up the first few times because my inner voice did not say anything...


IT DID the last time... it said that I already received brilliant suggestions and therefore, re-posting it would not benefit me in the slightest.

I believe in signs and that I should adhere to them if I recognized them...

I believe in my inner voice and many times that inner voice directed me to the right path or helped me choose the right/best decision.

I know that signs can be good or bad and can be interpreted by different people in a variety of ways, but my inner voice, that interprets these signs, helps me realize my inner self and that I am not separate from the universe around me... It makes me realize that I am somehow connected to it and that the universe might be speaking to me through that inner voice directing me to the path that is best for me... or the path that would help me learn the best lessons... would help me progress and develop and become a better person. 

One time I did not pay too much attention to my inner voice as I disagreed with the warnings... I learned the hard way that it was a mistake.... I was not in a good mental or emotional state then and I slowly realized that my inner voice had started speaking to me less and less, and that it started to fade...I could not hear it often and I allowed my state of mind to cloud my senses...I have to admit that after some time, I missed it and noticed that some decision that I made were not the best for me.

But not anymore... my inner voice is my companion and will always connect me to the universe.


fialka012 said...


Birdie said...

Sometimes we just try so hard and want to make something work but the Universe is saying, no...not right now. And we keep trying because isn't persistence a good thing? Sometimes I feel sorry for us humans. It is a confusing world sometimes! Just keep doing your best Lana!

Hilary said...

You're a wise one to listen to that inner voice. I do believe that the Universe speaks to us in many ways and once we begin to open our eye, ears, minds and hearts, it becomes easier to recognize.

One of my cats has been mildly ill for a couple of days. Nothing too extraordinary but I'm concerned. I was supposed to go away for a few days, starting today but I took a walk yesterday, thinking about whether or not I should leave town when the cat is ill.. might it get worse? Will he just improve? On my walk, I met and chatted briefly with a dog walker who looked strikingly like my vet. I knew my answer right there. My cat gets checked out tomorrow.

That inner and often outer voice can speak volumes.

Tabouleh said...

Birdie... I love your sense of humor... brought a smile on my face... is a confusing world? I do not understand it sometimes... hence the saying, "God works in mysterious ways!" Love your strong and playful spirit Barbara... keep it up!

Tabouleh said...

Hilary, your story brought me so much unexplainable comfort... thanks for writing that example... makes you want to pay more attention to every sign that is out there... they are so subtle sometimes that they pass you by without a hint that they are there... I believe that once a person starts to pay attention to the fine tunes of the inner voice, realizing and recognizing those signs become so much easier to spot... it trains the eye... any of them (both or the third eye)...
I agree with everything you said and thank you for visiting my blog again Hilary!