Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disaster Truns Into Wonderful Moments

We had such a good time this afternoon after a disastrous morning trying to get the photo place to get the right size of photos for my daughter's passport... AARRRGGGH! I nearly had a break down at their place yesterday... I was sick with no voice... was taking the kids to a birthday party and was dead exhausted ... I had taken my daughter to the photo shop that morning and went to pick them up right before heading to the birthday party... and noticed they had three the right size and three that they had cut into a smaller size ... I tried to explain in English that I want all of them the same size as the example of a photo of  her that I took in Amman last summer... They came back with all of them cut into the wrong size...the smaller size... I nearly lost it then... teared up... I put my head between my palms and tried to compose myself... I was exhausted and so very sick and tired... it was an effort to talk... It was taking so much energy that I did not have... the energy was my reserve battery and once it finished, I would collapse right then and there... I needed to recharge but there was nowhere or time for me to do so.... I just left after telling them that I will pass by the next morning to collect the correct size because the kids are already waiting in the air-conditioned car... and I cannot keep them waiting any longer...

Note to self:  I need to learn Thai.  

Today, while I kept my husband and the children waiting in the car , I went back to find that they had also done the exact same size as the previous day.... another batch... and wrong again...  sometimes they got the size of the photo wrong and another they would get the size correct but the size of the head wrong...  After they showed me two photos that were the correct size.... I had to wait for another five minutes which turned into ten and then even more... at the end I left the place with two stamped pictures instead of six... I was fed up... and then after all that we noticed that my daughter had a shadow on one side of her face which the embassy would not allow... AAAAAHHHHH

So we needed a better day to start sometimes soon.... like NOW would be a good time... BUT...We went to a restaurant because my husband knew that I was too tired to cook anything... It turned into a disaster as well as my daughter was tired and was not ready to share... screaming and kicking and all... She was just tired so we had to take the food as takeaway and come home to have some pizza and Indian food... My daughter ate two pieces of pizza before I took her to bed.for her nap.. She screamed and shouted that she did not want to sleep and then in 2 minutes she was totally in dreamland... 

I then took the chance to experiment with my own hair... I watched a You-tube video of how to cut your own hair and went up stairs to wet and start snipping... I did a very good job I think... I cut five centimeters off... the dry bits that were making me crazy... and it is straight... it empowered me I swear as I have never done something like this before... even though I have cut my bangs once or twice during my teenage years... but never my WHOLE hair... it sort of filled me with confidence... just that sense of satisfaction of holding a pair of scissors and having the control and power of cutting my own hair... 

After my daughter woke up it started slowly turning into a better day... our friends called us and said that they would pop by... We put water in the kiddie pool... I made pesto with Shrimp and some salad for the kids but it turned out more than they needed and so the grown ups had some as well ... we took pictures... had loads of fun... the kids jumped in the pool... and then after a good time they gathered around the TV and ate their dinner... it was a very good END for the day!

Sometimes I feel things continue to turn out bad and you have so many bad moments happening at the same time.. bad days one after the other and you think that things cannot get any worse... but somehow... it suddenly becomes better....the windows open, bringing in some rays of sunshine to brighten up your day.

Never give up! Never think you are alone! Never lose faith that things will sooner or later become better... even if the end does not seem any closer than it did the previous day... things will get better... Just Believe that it does and it will!

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