Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smarty Pants

My Smarty Pants!

My son is a smarty pants.... He is five and he thinks he can outsmart me... He sometimes does but he will not... this time at least...

I had made chicken balls for dinner. I had never cooked them before but I thought that I would like to have my son try some minced chicken or a different way of cooking it. He loves my home-cooked chicken nuggets made with strips of chicken and beard crumbs... but he would not eat a drum stick... weird huh since kids usually love that part of a chicken. He would not eat ground meat in his Spaghetti but he would eat it if I rolled it into medium-sized balls and breaded them afterwards.

Anyway... while we were at the dinner table and after my son ate 3 big chicken balls, he voiced that he was full and that he did not want to eat his vegetables.... I asked him to eat something... and he did... but not enough.... only one bite is not enough in my book! I asked him to eat a carrot and another 'green bean'... there were some sugar beans and green beans and he had to choose one of them. 

He grabbed the carrot and then went ahead to grab a  sugar bean.... after a few seconds he asked me,"Did you say ONE green bean, Mom?" as he was opening the sugar bean to take out one of them, with that sneaky look on his face... "What? no no no my dear one... you will not outsmart me... you eat the whole thing... the whole thing is considered a ONE, Mister!"

I really found that funny... I had to giggle with him and tell him that I was impressed by how smart he was...

I love my relationship with my son... I sometimes feel like kicking his tiny little cute butt... but on the whole I just love how silly we sometimes act... I feel like a little fun-loving kid all over again when we have those silly moments.


Jan said...

What a cutie! Smart and cute. Great to have these giggles together Lana. Precious moments every one.

Birdie said...

LOL, he can only try right?