Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Coincidence or a Sign


After posting my previous entry, I received a Facebook alert from my cousin with a website that I can visit, take a quiz and find balance in my life. It was just what I needed and many suggestions given were exactly what my dear Blogger friends had given me.

After taking the quiz, here is what was suggested:

  • Take a gentle yoga class and connect with your body (Maybe I can do a few positions that I remember from previous Yoga classes I had taken with my cousin)
  • Perform a daily self massage with relaxing herbalized oil (I can occasionally do that)
  • Take deep breaths throughout the day (I can do that!)
  • Eat three meals per day and favor sweet, sour, and salty tastes (Sweet, Sour and Salty? I always do and will definitely continue to do!)
  • Drink Relaxing Tea (I should switch from coffee to tea in the morning... good idea)
  • Enjoy a hot bath with Relaxing oils (Ho Hum... no plug in my bathtub)
  • Stay warm (I live in a warm country)


  • Meditate twice a day to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body (Will try and find 5 to 10 minutes to do that)
  • Wear invigorating fragrances   (Easy to do)
  • Listen to up-beat sounds to invoke your natural energy (OK... easy... we always listen to music)
  • Organize the clutter in your environment – your outer world reflects your inner world (No clutter... I do not think)
  • Awaken at sunrise and create an invigorating morning routine (My daughter does that for me... but maybe I can go outside to enjoy it instead of staying inside and prepare for work).
  • Diffuse invigorating fragrances into your environment
  • Favor bright, strong, bold colors with vivid shapes and designs (Ok... I wear a lot of colors... but will try to take risks with bold designs).
  • Look for opportunities to be more spontaneous (I sometimes am and love it... even wrote a post about it... but maybe not often enough... I kind of stick to routines)
  • Embrace uncertainty (hmmmm... now that is definitely a hard one... but will try... will research ways to do that... it will definitely help my mind stop spinning).

Many of the suggestions above are not time consuming and can easily be done... I will definitely try some and help myself recover, find strength and establish a balance... no longer will I advise people to take a break or Me Time and not do it myself. I promise that I will try some and write a post to let you know how it felt and whether or not it worked for me.

If you would like to take the Quiz which is simple, lovely and helps you find a balance in your life and your Vata, Pitta and Kapha follow the link below.

The Dosha Quiz

If you click on some of the green links above, it takes you to a different tips, interesting books or products. 


Christine's Pantry said...

Nice post! I'll be back to visit.

Jan said...

That was really interesting - thank you. I will be having a closer look when i get more time. Funny I was going to suggest Yoga after your last post. Hoping you are being kind to yourself today. Blessings.

Tabouleh said...

Thank you Jan... I am glad you enjoyed it... Thank you for your concern... I am starting to do things and be kinder... I will write a post about what I did today in a day or two.