Sunday, May 15, 2011

'Little' Blessings

This morning, both my kids, husband and I ran out of our house's green gate and headed in two different directions around the lake; the two males in my life set off together and I did the same with my daughter. My daughter and I took the shorter circuit to the 7-Eleven store because she is only 2 years old and my 5 year old son is more than capable of running 1.5 Kilometers. I have come to realize that kids love getting tired!

It started to pour down on us but we continued running. We reached our destination soaking wet and waited for the son and dad to arrive. After a short break, we ran back home while it was still pouring down and the kids had a blast jumping and dancing in the puddles. 

On the way there and back, people were stopping their cars asking if we needed a lift, people sitting under roofs giggled at four of us running in the rain. I realized that people do not usually walk in the rain here...and are afraid that their kids would get sick dancing in the warm rain. 

I believe it is wonderful to sing, dance, walk and run in the rain. I used to walk in the rain all the time while I studied in Beirut, Lebanon. It was a similar kind of rain, except that it was a bit chilly. I used to put my headphones in my ears, play some music, and walk without an umbrella reaching my dorm or my class soaking wet. I loved it and I remember the looks on people's faces when I did that...I just loved the feel of nature on my face and in my hair. It is just so beautiful to have your hair washed by untapped water.

Anyway... to get the ball rolling on the true point behind this post... 

I was watching my kids through my camera lens and realized how blessed I was to have a family, to have them in my life... I am a blessed mother. I have watched them water plants, excavating dinosaur skeletons, draw beautiful pictures, read and have fun conversations with each other. I have watched them grow and change so quickly.

I try to be a good mother. I try to adhere to feeding times, table manners, potty training rules and bed time routines. While I am rigid about sleeping times, I cannot help sleeping next to them from time to time. I know that it is a bad habit and we do not usually do it, but sometimes it is like a sweet drug. I love the feel of my children's cheeks on mine, or the touch of their hands on my face or arm, the sound of their breath and their giggles. I am a sucker to all those and so you find me sneaking a minute or two with my kids... or succumbing to their pleading and stay next to them until they slept. 

I know that some mom's might say that I am spoiling them and not teaching them independence... to this I say, my five year old sleeps on his own and he was just like my daughter who does not want to sleep on her own at any time. So I am not worried about my daughter... She will soon gather up the courage and self-confidence to sleep on her own and not care about the dark. She has been having nightmares in the middle of the night which probably affects her willingness to sleep by herself... I will not push her away during her time of need and worst fear.

If I had the opportunity to spend my whole time with them I would never pass that opportunity, knowing that in 10 years time or maybe even much less than that, I could be dreaming of such small blessings.

I am not what you call a perfect mother, but I am happy that I am not. From time to time I get upset with them and raise my voice, I will not feel ashamed of and be hard on myself because of that (Thank you Paula and Birdie). I think of it this way... if my kids never saw me stressed or sad or angry, they would never be able to know how to recognize the feeling,  manage and contain those negative feelings.... They would never know how to react to them. Granted that they should be infrequent and that I am able to control my feelings, manage and react to them well, but the kids will get valuable lessons by just observing me or my husband. Not only should I show them that I am human but also that I make mistakes and will apologise for them to no matter who.

The important thing is how I make them feel... that I tell them I am proud of them... Be specific when giving my praises... Listen to them... Give them control over a few things.... Enforce discipline but also communication and discussion.... Encourage reading and instill the sense of adventure and discovery...etc. But first and foremost to tell them I Love them every day!

I thank my lucky stars for my 'Little' Blessings!

Have you told your loved ones recently that you loved them?


Jan said...

What a lovely post Lana. I love the photographs of the children having fun in the rain. Blessings indeed. Glad to hear that you are not being hard on yourself about anything! It is hard enough being a mother. I sometimes wish I had had the internet and all these wise beings to help me keep in balance when I was a young Mum. However I cannot keep looking back. I thank my lucky stars for my big blessings these days and continue to nurture and support as best I can. Thank you for the reminder.

Birdie said...

Lana, your children are so beautiful! It appears they both adore each other.
OK, here goes. My daughter slept with me until she was 10/11. She slept some nights in her own bed but most nights she wanted to sleep with me so she did. She is 13 now and sleeps alone and is a strong, healthy and independent girl. Her confidence is amazing! Let your kids sleep with you for as long as it works for your family.

Tabouleh said...

Jan... I am sure you were a great mother and the best one for your children... Children are, no matter how old they were, are such a blessing... Your kids are lucky to have you guide and support them.... you do not need the Internet... you have motherly instincts and they come naturally... so I bet you were awesome.

Barbara... wow... I would definitely not feel guilty if they wanted to snuggle for longer than what the books or the Internet say... that must have been lovely... I bet you loved that feeling and treasured it until it lasted... your daughter will always remember that warm feeling forever.