Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Transgenders/ Transvestites

I know that by writing such a post, I will be attracting a lot of controversy and disagreement from many people around the world who tend to look at things from a different or even strict religious point of view.
My mother, bless her gentle giving soul, sent me the following petition and wrote, “I thought you might like to sign it.” It was sent to her by which she is subscribed to and it lit a light bulb above my head... "I am going to write about this," I said to myself, "Since my blog is about the change that must take place in ourselves and the world."
Let me first state that I, for one, believe that a human being is a human being no matter what gender identity they choose to be.
I am referring to transgender/ transvestite individuals. These terms describe people who want to live cross gender lives by wearing clothing traditionally associated with the opposite sex. It can also include individuals who have undergone sex reassignment surgery by changing their physical appearance as well as the function of their sexual characteristics to resemble that of the other gender.
I am unreservedly against any discrimination laws, be it by a government body or religion. If we got rid of all the layers that these beautiful souls place around themselves to protect themselves from the aggression and hateful comments of others, we will realize that they are very similar to us.

To me, there is no difference between someone who cross dresses or has decided to go through with the reassignment surgery and myself. We both have the same basic physical features, a brain, thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions and basically a life.
The only difference is that they were uncomfortable with their bodies… they felt out of place... I believe that there would be more psychological problems if someone remained in their present rejected gender bodies than to change to a gender that they would feel content and comfortable in.
Individuals know which identity they want to be… There is no use lying to themselves just to accommodate for and please the society and its expectations. The society will never cease to expect things of every member. It will never stop wanting people to conform to its beliefs, be it religious or secular. So why adhere to such expectations if it is on their account? Why conform, if it is mentally and emotionally agonizing to them? Wouldn’t we go to the ends of this Earth to find our happiness?
Happiness is at the core of every person’s decision to do anything in this life…. If we make decisions that would ultimately lead to our sense of fulfillment and happiness… Why on earth can’t we allow and accept them to do the same? They are human beings after all and what we want, they want as well…
I live in a country that has so lovingly accepted Transgendered/ Transsexual people the way they are, Thailand, and I have found it to be refreshing. During my trip to Hong Kong a month ago, my friends’ daughter showed me a YouTube video of this wonderful Thai individual on Thailand's Got Talent and I was blown away and was filled with such joy. Have a watch and notice the Thai judges' reaction... a breath of fresh air!
 (note: I apologise for not being able to download the video onto my blog... not sure why I was not allowed to do so)


Jan said...

I watched the video Tabouleh. I am heartbroken about how she speaks of her treatment by her father but as you say, warmed by the acceptance of the judges and the crowd. I hadn't realised until late how many transgendered people take their own lives or are mentally and physically abused by others. Your post is an important addition to raising awareness. Love to you. x

Jan said...

Oh and thank you to your mother for highlighting this incident and petition.

Tabouleh said...

Thank YOU for your wonderful comment and for you loving and accepting nature for such wonderful souls. Yes, the video was heart warming and I so hope that her father would apologize for rejecting and beating her... love for children should be unconditional.