Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am in Love


I was sitting on my porch enjoying the wind on a sunny day reading comments on my blog when a sense of elation washed over me. Elation because my writing is being enjoyed by a few people around the world and also because I feel this small laptop of mine can bring me closer to so many people I have never met yet feel a sense of connection with them.

I love the Internet and I am hooked on it. I love how it connects people and helps them see their similarities...Millions, if not billions, of us out there check the same websites... that in itself is amazing!  It is just wonderful how one cute video on Youtube can be enjoyed by so many out there... Someone in Thailand and another in Alaska can enjoy a laugh together even though they are millions of miles apart. I love that!

However, I think that blogging is different. While TV and Videos are just general, scripted or unscripted, shows enjoyed by millions it does not have this personal touch. Blogging, on the other hand, brings one closer to specific people and sometimes their intimate thoughts, feelings, opinions. or day to day lives  For the writer, it is either therapy, a way to make a difference, offer support, share expert opinion and express themselves. And for the readers, it is a way to escape their life for a few minutes by visiting other people's lives, relax and have a good read, find inspiration and build connections.

During my high school years, I would have never imagined that I would be able to connect with someone from British Columbia or New Zealand through a rectangular piece of technology.... I am in love with how it transfers me into other people's lives and brings them into mine.... I love how it makes me feel connected with my own life... does that make sense? I mean it helps me appreciate my life through the eyes of others. It helps me stick to my beliefs when I realize that there are so many out there who share them. It helps me relax knowing that sometimes in the future things will get better in the world... that the healing process will begin when more and more people realize what a beautiful eclectic world we have and how meeting in the middle of our global ring will forever beat living in the corners.

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