Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things that make me smile/happy

  1. Babies and children's laughter
  2. Adorable baby animals,,, well animals as a whole!
  3. Balloons and Popcorn
  4. Memories of special people
  5. Watching people make up and resolve their differences
  6. Watching people welcoming their loved ones at the airport
  7. Rain and Sunshine
  8. Being told that I touched a life
  9. Lit candles and the smell of incense
  10. Helping others
  11. Watching inspiring stories on TV or reading about them
  12. Listening to great music
  13. Hearing of or watching people overcome obstacles
  14. Listening to my kids go on and on about something that makes no sense to me.
  15. Listening to their imaginative stories
  16. Playing games with my kids
  17. Talking to my family and relatives around the world
  18. Receiving emails from family and loved ones
  19. Beautiful touching weddings of people in love
  20. Watching my 92 year-old grandmother stitching Palestinian embroidery (still without eye-glasses!!!)
  21. Sunrises and sunsets
  22. Roller coasters and Candy floss
  23. Eating Arabic sweets, Humus, Tabouleh and my mother's & grandmother's cooking of course!
  24. Swimming in beautiful waters
  25. Elephants
  26. Safaris
  27. Old dancing and singing 50's movies
  28. Dancing or watching superb dancers on TV
  29. Hearing from a very old friend... one I lost touch with...
  30. Reunions and celebrations
  31. Traveling, meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds and learning about them.
  32. Discovering new things
  33. Watching a good movie
  34. Writing 
  35. Reading a good book
  36. Hearing a funny joke
  37. Vacations
  38. Hiking to a waterfall
  39. Hiking to a mountain top
  40. Love
.................................ok... I think it is enough... the list goes on... but I do not want to bore anyone.


Birdie said...

You make me happy! Oh, yes! You do!

I hate balloons though. I am afraid of them. I used to hate birthday parties because I was so afraid of balloons.

Tabouleh said...

Oh Birdie... what a wonderful loving thing to say... I should have included receiving touching warm comments from readers like you! THANK YOU... you make me happy too!