Friday, March 30, 2012



Last night my son wanted a family bed time story so my husband and I stayed behind instead of just one of us.  We first read an Arabic story that my daughter picked and which my husband only understood by looking at the pictures. We then read an English information book about reptiles and amphibians when we came across the word camouflage.

My three year old, who was sitting up right on her daddy's belly, stopped me and asked,"What is camouflage?" I explained it as when an animal either uses its color or changes its color to blend in so other animals will not see it and her dad added that it helped it hide. She repeated what he said when I asked,"We have this green toad, how can it be camouflaged?" just to check on her understanding.

She answered,"Hide in grass... leaves." And then she pointed to a blue headed lizard and said, "This hides in the water."

For a three year old, I must say that this is pretty good. Many times the children surprise me and boggle my mind with their questions and answers. The wheels in their little minds work hard to make sense of the world around them. 
Very early on, my husband and I spoke to our children as we talk to any individual, ie with no baby talk. We feel if we do so with children, then they will grow up to ask questions and participate in conversations we wouldn't expect children at their age to engage in.

So my daughter blew me away that day and I am confident that there will be many similar incidents to come.

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