Monday, April 2, 2012

Fabric Painting Pillow Cases

My son's pillow piece (A dragon, dinosaur and scorpion)
I decided to start a Fabric Painting project with the kids two weeks ago which I thought they would enjoy and keep busy a few times after school and before bed time. After I had penciled the drawings onto the pillow, we used the flour and water technique to draw the outline.  I was sure they would like the mess of it all. Outlining with flour takes a lot of patient, concentration and control of fingers and they both did a brilliant job.

While my son was independent outlining his drawing with flour, my 3 year old needed a bit of support squeezing the flour mixture out of the bottle. I left my bottle in Jordan when we moved to Thailand and the only tool that I could find which closely resembled it were the baby nose suction utensils. 

The  Flour and water technique.... here it was still wet. Needed to leave it until it dried before painting.
We had to wait till the flour mixture dried up before we could paint. As before, I had to help my daughter paint the whole thing pink, but she did a great job filling in the shapes with Fabric paint. My son, needed some help with his blue but other than that he did the whole first face on his own. He still needs to finish the flip side of the pillow and I will show you the end result tomorrow.

Both of them did such a good job painting and they really enjoyed the activity.  It kept them busy and now when they place their pretty little heads on that pillow case, I am hoping that they will feel a sense of achievement and pride.

Painting the inside of the flour and water outline.
Painting the dragon's face with gold and silver.

My daughter's piece ... the paint was still wet.
My daughter's piece after picking off the dried flour.


Rekha said...

Yes I can guess how they would be feeling. The joy is out of the world when we are wearing or using the product made by ourselves. Great work!

Tabouleh said...

You are so right... I cannot wait for them to first use them.

Jan said...

This looks great fun and what concentration! The colours are so vibrant, I am sure that the children are feeling very satisfied with the whole process and finished products.

Tabouleh said...

Thanks Jan... yes, it was great fun... the kids cannot wait to sleep on them. They had huge smiles on their faces...