Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Planned Surprise Visit

The best part of surprising your family with your unexpected visit is their ecstatic reaction and emotional outburst the moment they lay eyes on their loved ones and register that it is real and not at all a dream.  This holiday, my children and I opened the door to my parents’ dark room, early in the morning, giggling and filled with excited jitters. 

Everything went according to plan and exactly how I envisioned it for four months. Watching my parents repeating “WHAT?” over and over again scooping my children up in a tight warm embrace was a sight that would forever be etched in my memory. 

Every time I retell how we entered the room, I watch my kids’ faces light up; they enjoyed every moment of the surprise reunion and the suspense a few minutes before entry. I was so proud of my son who kept this secret from them for so long never once saying anything that would give away the unforeseen. He even kept my brother’s secret as well. You see, my brother did the same thing the next day and walked into the kitchen of my parents’ house in broad daylight only to astonish them even further. 

My father’s 70th birthday is in May but neither one of us could be there on that day so we decided to celebrate it a month early with a cake baked and decorated by the kids. 

The whole trip was great fun. Not only did we visit some of my favorite places in Jordan but we had great food and wonderful company. My father took me in a strong embrace in the departures area, thanking me for bestowing such a wonderful gift on his birthday; time with his grandchildren. I am just happy that they were happy. 

I will leave you with a few pictures of Jordan.

The chocolate cake that the four grandchildren mixed, baked, iced and decorated for their grandfather.

Um Qais is an ancient Roman city in the North West of Jordan... my parents had planned a trip with the extended family on the day of our arrival... wanting to see the family, I asked the kids if they would like to go. They did and slept all the way there to gain some energy. I was so proud of them as they did not fuss or whine. 

It was Spring time in Jordan. Such beautiful scenery. I LOVE olive trees.
Jerash... one of my favorite cities in the world. Petra is another favorite.
I learned something new that day even though I had visited Jerash many times before. There are blocks on the top of these Roman columns that made a clanging sound when there is slight earthquake warning the people. These huge slabs are made of some metal, stone and sea salt and they produce an amazing sound. However, that did not protect the people from the destruction due to an earthquake in 749 AD.


janzi said...

What a wonderfulsurprise you gave them and such a gift of time to share!! Time is the most precious thing that we don't have enough of.. To your parents loving home, taking your children was such a joy that they will not forget in a hurry** Thank you for sharing this lovely outing.. and the pictures too! Thailand is such adifferent culture, was it work that took you and your lovely family there>? Hugs from across the world..Janzi

Jan said...

How fabulous! I love the thought of this planned surprise for your parents, wonderful, wonderful!it brought happy tears to my eyes. Great pictures of Jordan - thank you for sharing them.

Tabouleh said...

HI Janzi... how wonderful of you to stop by again... it was a great surprise and I just love watching the video over and over again. It was difficult to leave the family and move to Thailand but work moved us there... my husband and I are International Teachers you see and after 4 years in Malawi, Africa, and then 3 years back in Jordan we found jobs in Thailand. Hugs and sunshine to you.

Tabouleh said...

Thank you Jan... it was wonderful indeed and everyone I share the video with says the same thing... brings tears to their eyes... I couldn't put their joy and ours into words.